Ayesha Samman

CS:GO caster, streamer and player. Sometimes I write things and so you see me here.

CS:GO: New Patch Nerfs SG553, Buffs M4A1-S

CS:GO devs just released, possibly the most awaited update ever. Were you getting tired of players using the SG553 knowing that it’s a baby weapon while you being a veteran, wanted to stick to the OG AK-47? Well, you can now celebrate! The new update is here and, it comes with a load of nerfs […]Read More

CSGO: ImAPet’s Departure From EG

In the world of CS:GO, one will find all sorts of players and teams. Some teams base their gameplay around on how all five of the players perform together. Some rely mostly on their star players. While, some play around the strategies devised by their coaches and then make sure to stick to those playstyles. […]Read More

Illuminar Roster Reveal: Will Snax Be The New Star Player?

Illuminar Origin Illuminar is one of the top 2 Polish teams the other team being AGO and, ranked #57 in the world right now. The organization formed in 2018 under the reigns of Mateusz Kowalczyk. Since then, it has gone through a lot of roster changes, disbands and, whatnot.  The organization is involved in not just CS:GO, but also […]Read More

Shroud: Valorant Pro Or April Fool’s?

Shroud Michael Grzesiek, also known as Shroud is easily one of the best shooting video game players of all time. He played for a lot of teams in the beginning such as compLexity, Manajuma and Exertus but his career took off when he joined Cloud 9 in 2014. Shroud won a lot of tournaments after he signed with Cloud […]Read More