Ayesha Samman

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CS:GO caster, streamer and player. Sometimes I write things and so you see me here.

CS:GO: New Patch Nerfs SG553, Buffs M4A1-S

CS:GO devs just released, possibly the most awaited update ever. Were you getting tired of players using the SG553 knowing that it's...

CSGO: ImAPet’s Departure From EG

In the world of CS:GO, one will find all sorts of players and teams. Some teams base their gameplay around on how...

Illuminar Roster Reveal: Will Snax Be The New Star Player?

Illuminar Origin Illuminar is one of the top 2 Polish teams the other team being AGO and, ranked #57 in the world...

Shroud: Valorant Pro Or April Fool’s?

Shroud Michael Grzesiek, also known as Shroud is easily one of the best shooting video game players of all time. He played...


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