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Resident Evil Village Guide: How To Take Down Lady Dimitrescu

Sometime before Resident Evil Village’s release, the developers decided to let fans see their sights on one of the game’s main villains, Lady Dimitrescu. She ended up becoming an instant fan-favorite character because of her height and looks. This is one of the reasons why the game became popular as everyone was talking about the […]Read More

Resident Evil Village: How To Defeat Moreau

Resident Evil Village was released a couple of days ago and players are absolutely enjoying it. It was easily one of the most hyped video games of 2021. This was mostly because of Lady Dimitrescu gaining worldwide attention. The game is filled with a lot of monsters and creatures, and you’ll encounter them throughout your […]Read More

Apex Legends Steam Version Achieves A New Player Count Record

Apex Legends, released by Respawn Entertainment in February 2019, is one of the leading battle royale games in the world. Shortly after its release, the game attracted millions of players within weeks. The surprising thing was that there was no prior announcement or marketing for the game. It was released as a surprise. The reason? […]Read More

Warzone Season 3 Lighting Issues Will Soon Get Fixed

Warzone Season 3 arrived two weeks ago and everyone is enjoying it to the fullest. The new season introduced a bunch of new content to the game, something which gave the game a fresh look. However, even though the latest season was well received by players, there are some problems with it. One of them […]Read More

Black Ops Cold War & Warzone – Here’s How To

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone players are always eagerly waiting for new weapons to arrive. The developers have done a remarkable job by letting players choose from a wide range of weapons. The best part is that they add new ones to the game every now and then. This is something […]Read More

Apex Legends Anti-Cheat Improvements Are On Way

Respawn Entertainment has always done a remarkable job when it comes to handling cheaters. Since the game’s release, the developers have tried their best to ban as many as they possibly can. During the first few months, players complained a lot about becoming a victim of hackers and cheaters. However, Respawn then took drastic measures […]Read More

Apex Legends Arena Mode – Here’s What It Offers

Apex Legends Season 9 called Legacy will launch on May 4. The season is going to be really big as it will bring a plethora of new content to the game. Among the new content is a brand new mode called Arena, which has left a lot of players excited. Respawn Entertainment is always looking […]Read More

Apex Legends Mobile: Everything We Know About It So Far

Apex Legends is one of the most popular battle royale games out there. Released in February 2019, the game is developed by Respawn Entertainment. During the period of more than two years, the developers made various changes and improvements to it, something that helped with making it popular. And now, the game is finally coming […]Read More