Warzone: Hidden change In SMG Will Make A Big Difference

 Warzone: Hidden change In SMG Will Make A Big Difference

Warzone is arguably one of the best battle royal games out there since its launch. It has a massive combat arena and it offers a thrilling Modern Warfare experience to the players. Warzone is now on season 4 with a lot of new stuff and additions. The Devs have given players a lot of content to explore and enjoy. Call of Duty Battle royal has seen quite a lot of meta shifts since the launch of Warzone. The preferences have been changing as the game is progressing. In the start, the thermal scope was considered a necessary option. Nowadays it does not seem that important and players have forgotten about such a thing. Generally, the majority of Players have the sniper as their main weapon or tactical rifle, and for the back up they either choose an SMG or assault rifle.


Now the new info from the Warzone content creator TrueGameData about the Black Ops Cold War SMG has made players jump the wagon and pick the SMG. There have been some changes to the game when season 4 was released. The new season has lots of new operators, weapons, and more in-game stuff for players to find out. As it is with each season of Warzone, players started at level one in season 4. Fans are indulging in the game with a lot of enthusiasm. This content creator thought about finding out whether there are some changes that are not mentioned in the patch notes.

Warzone Season 4 Hidden Changes

He found out that SMG has now two damage profiles and the third one is removed. Which was Drop-off shots from over 25 meters. “They’re a lot like ARs now in terms of damage drop-offs. Some of these SMGs might make really good sniper supports now, kind of like how we were using the Milano in the previous patch.” He said.

For meta attachments, these changes could be bad. Youtuber BennyCentral pointed towards this issue. He said that these changes can prove to be bad for meta attachments like agency and Gru suppressor. Another content creator from the UK said that The best choice for Cold War SMGs is sound suppressors. Because it gives an increase to the sprint to fire time. It is yet to be seen how these changes affect the battle royal’s meta. However, it is a strong possibility that now these Cold War SMGs are definitely going to be more popular than before.

Hassan Shahzad