Warzone: Gunsmiths In COD Mobile & Cold War Are Much Better

 Warzone: Gunsmiths In COD Mobile & Cold War Are Much Better

Players who are fond of Warzone, emphasize how in a second you could win or lose. Any second can be decisive about who is to win and who is going to lose. Players have to act in a millisecond with the right choice in a gunfight. A big factor of having the best loadout also weighs in. How having a particular loadout and attachments affects this in making or breaking the Gunfight. So having to know which attachments suit you best is crucial and players spend a lot of time gauging this. For this purpose, players switch around attachments to make sure that their weapon is quick to reload, can aim down sights, and kills the fastest. While having minimum recoil on firing.

Now if the players could see the percentage of what they are attaching and how it affects the weapon things would have been a lot easier.

Detailed Stats in COD Mobile & Cold War

Warzone content creator JGOD tweeted recently that CoD mobile and Cold War’s blacksmith gives a detailed analysis. JGOD is a trusted content creator in the community and a big name. When he tweeted this there was an immediate and intense response. The community is intrigued after seeing this that why is this feature not on Warzone.

The community is not happy about this because gunsmith in CoD mobile and Black Ops Cold War lets you see the exact stats and percentage of the changes by attachments. It shows the percentage of every feature altered by that particular attachment. So players are confused after finding these details that why don’t have this feature on Warzone. A person asked JGOD replying to his tweet that why is this that warzone does not have this feature and Coldwar has it. This does not make any sense.

In the current situation, players have to turn to content creators like JGOD to assist them with stats. Or they have to go to different websites to know about the stats of accessories. Or experiment themselves and check every option and then decide what is the perfect loadout for them. This definitely is a big hustle and a lot of work. Nonetheless, This is how they find out which accessory affects which weapon in what way. However, if the Devs were to put this feature in Warzone, it would be a lot easier for every player, and the time they put in doing all this they would spend it in the arena.

Hassan Shahzad