Valorant: Riot Promises More Content

 Valorant: Riot Promises More Content

Riot recently released episode 3 of Valorant and with that, they launched Agent KAY/O. This was fresh new content for players and they were excited. Fans were waiting impatiently for the new agent with news additions and changes that were gonna come along with the agent. Now, these are the only moments and events in-game that give fans a tad bit of excitement. Other than that they don’t have much to get excited about. There is not much content given to them in between these episodes and acts. There is a bi-monthly content drop that gives a little bit of information about the new map or an upcoming agent. However, that is not much to look forward to.

Players have addressed this issue and they said they don’t have a lot of new stuff to explore in between launches. Max is what they get is a skin bundle and that’s just about it. Fanbase really got triggered due to the recent Sentinels of the Light crossover event. The event is not based in a league of legends universe. The crossover is between the fandom of both games. Since the launch of Kay/O, this is the only content fans got from Devs. So this is a void players really want Riot to fill. They want the game to deliver more, like many other games.

Riot Acknowledged The Shortcomings

Riot has acknowledged this lack of content and declared that this situation is going to change. In the future fans are going to get a lot more. The upcoming Valorant episodes and acts would not be the same as previous ones.

“Often we are putting so much time and energy into landing those big drops (new agents, new maps) and then we barely recover before working on the next one,” David Nottingham is the creative director of Riot and he said this on his Twitter.

“We want to build a stronger muscle to be able to put out big content, intermediate, and also steady small drops. It takes time because we need to build in sustainable ways. As we build our content muscle we can increase the range of content drops so it’s not just big but also intermediate and small resulting in [a] more steady stream.”

“[We] will have more discussions about what we are doing to get content to folk. Definitely lighter than I would like right now, but we are also laying down tracks for stuff that I believe will provide more of what you are asking for. Keep an eye out for the next act,” Nottingham further added.

This looks promising and it is good news for the fans of Valorant. Riot is about to change the pace of their releases for sure.

Hassan Shahzad