Apex Legends: Top Rank Player Exposed

 Apex Legends: Top Rank Player Exposed

Online gaming is a lot of fun and players enjoy spending multiple hours on games like Apex Legends. Players test their skills by playing ranked and try to get good by playing more and more. But some do not want to do all the hard work as other honest players do and they cheat to reach the top. Hackers use unfair means to beat the honest players who try really hard to get good. When you come across a hacker then the fun side of the gaming experience reduces to zero. This is especially the case in Apex Legends. Apart from the occasional glitches now players have another thing to get mad about.

Players are getting tired of hackers and they want Respawn to do something about them. They are saying Respwan could use a system like Valorant’s Vanguard anti-cheat and get rid of these annoying hackers. Still, this remains a big problem in the battle royal.

Apex Legends

One player just exposed a player playing at a high level and showed his concern that this goes on at high-ranks too. That high-rank player was using a match-making exploit.

Apex Legends Player Caught Red Handed

This player posted on Reddit about this cheating player and exposed that he was using the ”Bronze Lobby Glitch.” This cheat allows High-level players to dominate low-rank players by putting them in the same ELO lobby. Which results in a total massacre of the low-rank players. This is downright cheap and unethical.

In the video shown by Korkoszz, The predator player and his team are taking down the low-rank team again and again. It is really painful to watch. They have added all their predator badges to their kill card which made their high-rank status very clear. Also, the predators have exclusive dive trails which makes it easier to spot them. Korkoszz has made a youtube playlist showing the details. It consists of five different videos and five different matches respectively. This shows how annoying frustrating it is to play the game online when there are cheaters polluting the experience. The community is so frustrated about the whole cheating scenario.

Coming into season 10, Players are really hoping that Respawn will do something about the cheaters. Players think that at this point there are probably more cheater predators than the real ones. If that is the case, then the situation is really serious and the cheaters are ruining the online experience. This is not only unfair to low-level players but to high-level players as well.

Hassan Shahzad