Apex Legends: Seer Is Far Different Than Bloodhound

There were a lot of rumors about a new legend joining the Apex Legends. Fans kept guessing for a long time before the official confirmation. Respawn has confirmed recently that there is going to be a new legend in season 10. With the confirmation of the new legend, the devs have also started to confirm information about his powers and abilities. A lot of fans are thinking that his abilities resemble Bloodhound’s. Players think after the release of Seer, Bloodhound is going to lose his popularity and effectiveness in battle. According to some of them, Seer is the better and improved version of Bloodhound.

Bloodhound have been a key character of Apex Legend for quite some time. He has a unique set of abilities which if used right, can decide the course and result of the battle. Now players are thinking the devs are just putting him aside for the sake of Seer. They have replaced him with Seer who has kinda same abilities and he is better in some aspects by the look of it. They want their new character to be a success. Devs have responded on this and this is clearly not the case according to them.

Devs Response About The New Legend

After being repeatedly asked if the Respawn is tossing the character aside by introducing a new character with similar abilities Jason McCord Design Director of Apex Legends Responded to clarify the situation. “BH (Bloodhound) is about wide knowledge – run up to a PoI and scan the whole PoI, see all teams inside. Seer needs to know exactly where the enemy is and the range is much shorter than BHs,” McCord said.

Apex Legends

There is another difference between Seer and Bloundhound. The Seer will be able to interrupt the enemy heals for a second, and this is something Bloodhound cannot do. It is clear now that there are more differences between them than players think. Yet there are some players who may still think that Seer is the replacement for Bloodhound. Some are pretty excited about pairing them. Together they could be a very deadly duo. We will have to wait and watch until season 10 is released. After the release of the season and the Seer, Players are going to play the character for themselves. After that, they will give the final verdict about the legend and what they think. However, we are positive that Respawn is definitely giving players something new not just the copy of an old legend.

Hassan Shahzad