Apex Legends: Response To Seer Being Overpowered

 Apex Legends: Response To Seer Being Overpowered

Apex Legends season 9: Legacy is about to end and the new season: Emergence is almost here. This season is a very special installment to apex legends. The devs are really looking to shake things up with the release of this season. This season has a lot of new and unique stuff. players are definitely going to have a blast. There are changes done to the classic map along with a brand weapon Rampage LMG and this is just the crust of the surface. There is a lot more where that came from.

On top of this, there is a new upcoming legend Seer. Fans are really excited about this new legend. This character has a tragic tale and an astonishing set of abilities. Players are really looking forward to getting their hands on the latest edition of the game so they can enjoy all this.

New Character And Its Abilities

Now, whenever a new character is released there is a debate about whether the character is overpowered. In most cases the DLC character breaks the game and then with the passage of time, Devs nerf it along with updates and balance the game. In this particular scenario, The lead game designer Daniel Klien has come forward and cleared all doubts about the Seer being overpowered.

Seer and his abilities are undoubtedly a cool new addition to Apex Legends. The Seer’s tactical power “Focus of Attention” seems to be an advanced and improved version of Bloodhound’s “Eye of the Allfather”. The seer releases drones and they mark all the enemies. For eight-second, they cannot use items and their health and location are visible to the Seer and his team. Fans are really worried about the restrictions on using items.

Response To Apex Legends Fans About Seer Being OP

However, the lead game designer Daniel Klein addressed this issue and said: “One important detail that I think we don’t talk about enough yet is that Seer’s tactical is super high precision, Bloodhound’s scan blankets an entire POI; Seer is much more like a sniper rifle (it’s a tunnel about big enough for one legend.) So actually hitting the thing is really hard and there’s play for the enemy to dodge (you get plenty of warning). If you DO get hit though, you’re revealed for a real long time.”

He also talked about his silencing abilities and clear up any misconceptions fans were worried about. “The silence lasts about a second or so. It’s meant to be an interrupt, not like a forever silence like Revenant,”. Respawn’s John ‘JayBiebs’ further reassured fans about this situation on Reddit. “That’s what I’m here for. If Rampage or Seer are busted out the gate, we adjust quickly with a hotfix,” he wrote.

Hassan Shahzad