Apex Legends: Devs Do Not Want To Change Valkyrie For Season 10

 Apex Legends: Devs Do Not Want To Change Valkyrie For Season 10

When season 9 of Apex Legends was about to release, there were a lot of rumors and stories about the new upcoming legend regarding name and abilities. Players had different thoughts on what the legend will be like and the skillset of the particular legend. Respawn launched Valkyrie at the start of season 9: Legacy, and she became an instant fan favorite. Her abilities revolve around her movement and agility. Her game plan heavily relies on mobility. Recently her kit has been facing some issues but she is still very popular among fans.

Now Apex Legends is heading towards the new upcoming season: Emergence. Fans of Valkyrie want some changes done to their character. They want their character to be the strongest on the roster come next season. However, The devs are not thinking about tweaking Valkyrie. They do not want to buff or nerf her just yet.

Dev’s Response To Valkyrie Fans Regarding The New Season Of Apex Legends

Daniel Klein is Respawns dev and discussing her stats he said that Valkyrie is “solidly middle of the pack” and her skills are balanced. “Looking at her stats right now, she’s solidly in the middle of the pack (except her pick rate is high; which is fine, she’s new and she’s a mobility legend; those just get picked more), I foresee no need for any changes in the near future,” Klien commented.

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Some fans think Devs should nerf Valkyrie not buff her. Valkyrie is too strong according to them. Klien also rejected this idea by addressing the numbers. “I’m sure it feels that way, but our numbers don’t agree with you. She has roughly the same relative win rate (as in, compared to all other legends at that skill bucket) across all skill brackets,” He said.

When season 10 will arrive you never know if her win rate is going to remain the same. The Devs are tweaking almost all the roster. Therefore, it is a possibility that the stats aren’t gonna be the same. Maybe when they release season 10 and there is a power balance will between the characters then the devs might do something to Valkyrie. It is a possibility that if valkyrie may go down the power and usage charts then they might do some adjustments to the character. For now, Klien thinks that Valkyrie is perfectly balanced and does not need any changes. We cannot say anything for sure right now so we’ll just have to wait and watch how the power shift is going to turn out in season 10.

Hassan Shahzad