Wonder Egg Priority And Its Disappointing Special

 Wonder Egg Priority And Its Disappointing Special

Wonder Egg Priority started in early 2021. Starting off with its first episode on the 13th of January. It became a darling of the anime community. Focusing on issues of youth and mental health made it the talk of the town. And its animation and music were nothing to laugh at either. With so much going for it and having such a strong beginning story. It seems to be saddening to see how underwhelming the special that was supposed to be was. With the original airing of the season-ending with 12 episodes on the 31st of March. Fans were understandably hyped for the special episode that was supposed to come out on the 30th of June. And with the hype of the special fans speculated on what the exact nature of the special would be.

The Story Of Wonder Egg Priority

The story of Wonder Egg Priority starts with Ai Ohto, a junior high school student who refuses to attend school. The reason for this is that her only friend Koito Nagase commits suicide leaving Ai all alone. Until one day she stumbles onto a gachapon machine that gives out wonder eggs. These wonder eggs, when cracked open, reveal a girl inside that needs to be protected from monsters by Ai. The scenarios take place in a different world with various different types of monsters including a boss at the end. After the first time, Ai finds out that if she buys enough wonder eggs and clears enough levels there is a chance that she could save her friend Kaito and bring her back somehow.

Along the way, Ai finds three other girls who are trying to save someone close to them as well. As they move forward and gain more wonder eggs they begin to grow closer to each other as well. And as they later find out there is a more sinister reason for why their friends had committed suicide. With the truth being revealed to them and finally coming face to face with Frill and her warriors of Thanatos. We leave our main characters scarred and wondering if they will ever go back to fight them again.

That is where the story ends with episode 12. And seeing this and hearing about a special one-hour episode that would be coming out 3 months later. Fans had already begun to speculate about how the special would go.

The Problem With The Special

The problems with the special were not small. Most of the episode filled up with a recap of the whole season which felt like it was not needed. And with the last 15-20 minutes of the episode showing us how each of them is coping with the last defeat and the disappearance of Aonuma. With Ao finally deciding, in the end, to go back to the lab and fight Thanatos and Frill to find her friend.

This was an incredibly disappointing special for fans who had hoped to see some sort of ending to the story itself. As the story was not progressed at all in the episode and instead brought in a convoluted new plot point about clones. This has left fans hoping for a second season. And if this special was supposed to end the series out right then Studio Cloverworks has disappointed fans again as most were already unhappy with how they decided to end season 2 of The Promised Neverland. For now, all fans can do is hope that a season 2 is in the works for Wonder Egg Priority.

Ahad Lalani