Valorant: Devs Say Killjoy Is Still Quite A Stong Agent

 Valorant: Devs Say Killjoy Is Still Quite A Stong Agent

When Killjoy first appeared in Valorant, she hit the future earth with a boom. Everyone loved Killjoy because of her personality and neon aesthetics. At the same time, players were also annoyed by her seemingly overpowered kit. After her first appearance in the scene, she has been nerfed down quite a bit.

Players who main killjoy in Valorant have been crying on for some time because in act 3 she did not receive price changes. Instead, her turret and alarmbots had their cooldown increased. So her fans were enraged about all the nerfs. They felt that Killjoy is tremendously underpowered compared to other agents and she might be dead. The developers have addressed this issue of her being underpowered after the nerfs through Reddit.

Devs Take On Killjoy In Valorant

There is a discussion forum about Valorant on Reddit on the release of agent 17 and players are discussing the new agent kAY/O. One fan said that “nerfing Killjoy and introducing KAY/O at the same time was a bad call.” As the debate started to heat up on this comment Riot’s insight strategist Coleman Altombre Palm gave his statement to end this debate once and for all.

“Killjoy’s still looking really strong after this patch,” he said confirming that she is definitely top tier. “top three winrate club! The cooldown nerfs hit her, but everyone else has to spend more money on utility than they used to, and she saw no eco changes. If anything, she’s gotten a bit stronger post-3.0.”

The response to this comment was quite outrageous as you might have guessed. He further cleared it up by saying “She’s strong in matchmaking. Strongest at low MMR, but she’s top three winrate across the spectrum. Experientially I understand the pain for sure, I play a lot of Killjoy. Just power-wise, she’s one of the best Agents in the game still.”

It is yet to see how Killjoy mains feel about this whole situation. However, this statement clears one thing up that killjoy is not dead. She has taken some nerfs yes but is still in the top tier and a force to be reckoned with. We don’t know if she is going to get a buff in the future but for now, Riot seems pretty sure that killjoy is fine where she is and a pretty balanced character. She is still one of the best agents if not the best in the game.

Hassan Shahzad