Tokyo Revengers And The Hinata Problem

 Tokyo Revengers And The Hinata Problem

Tokyo Revengers is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Ken Wakui. Starting in March of 2017 it was serialized by Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine. And with its success in the manga industry, it was ultimately given a tv series adaptation. The tv adaptation is being done by Liden Films. And not only a tv series adaptation but Tokyo Revengers has already gotten a live-action film as well. With four years in Ken Wakui has written 22 volumes and is still going. With 22 volumes worth of content, the anime series could go on for quite some time.

The story itself centers around Takemichi, A 26-year-old with no ambitions or hope in life. With nothing to aim for in life, he wanders through it aimlessly and works in a video store. When one night he notices that a gang in Tokyo has caused the murder of four individuals on the news. One of them being his long-ago ex-girlfriend Hinata. The next day, Takemichi is thrown onto the train tracks by an unknown person. Instead of being hit by the oncoming train, he is transported 12 years back into the past.

Where he is still in middle school and is a delinquent and low-level slave to the Toman gang members. During this time he tells Hinata’s younger brother about what will happen to Hinata in 15 years. Which creates a paradox and allows Takemichi to travel back and forth from past to present. With Takemichi not stopping until he can finally save Hinata from dying in the future.

Why Saving Hinata Won’t Be The End Of Tokyo Revengers

Thirteen episodes have passed by in the anime and more than 200 chapters have been released of the manga. And yet Takemichi is still going back into the past. Of course, I won’t go into so many details, as that would make it spoiler territory for most. But as we’ve seen in the anime Takemichi is someone who will try and save not everyone around him, not just Hinata but also the people who he considers his friends. As he did, when he tried to save Drakken when he was stabbed. And when he stood up to face Kiyomasa to save Takuya from fighting.

With this, we can see that Takemichi’s traveling adventures might not end with just saving Hinata but might go on further in, trying to save his other friends as well. With thirteen episodes into a full 23 episode long season. It is highly likely that Tokyo Revengers will be given a 2nd and 3rd season as well. So for all the fans of the new anime that has come out, don’t worry as there will be much more to come.

Ahad Lalani