The Witcher Season 2 Coming To Netflix This December

 The Witcher Season 2 Coming To Netflix This December

The first season of the Witcher was a hit with fans and a huge success for Netflix. And it was obvious that a second season would be in the works. Well, Netflix has finally released a teaser trailer for the new season. Showing its release date to be at the end of the year at the 17th of December. And by the looks of the trailer, it looks like the second season will be on just a grand scale as the first. And it looks like season 2 will pick up exactly where the first season had left off at. Which is when Geralt finally unites with Ciri.

As the trailer shows a number of things. We can speculate as to where the second season will take us with Geralt and Ciri. And not just them but it seems like Yennefer is in trouble as well. Being trapped by a group of people. And this time around Geralt will be taking Ciri along with him on his adventures in fighting monsters and ghouls. With Geralt taking Ciri away from Cintra as it has become too dangerous for her.

The Witcher Story So Far

The first season of the witcher sets up almost every character from the original novel. From Yennefer to Ciri, and most importantly Geralt and how he became to be known as the Butcher of Blaviken. And of course, the adventures Geralt has with the famous poet Dandelion.

The end of the first season shows Geralt finally uniting with Ciri in the midst of the destruction of Cintra. This leaves Ciri orphaned and traveling with unknown people who she does not know if she can trust or not. With Geralt finally coming back to protect her. With Yennefer and Dandelion’s fates unknown to us as well as what will happen to Nilfgaard. As well as many other mysteries yet to be known. One of the biggest being who exactly is Geralt’s mother?

What The Teaser Trailer Shows Us

We see Geralt and Ciri at the beginning riding most likely away from Cintra as it has become too dangerous for Ciri to live there now. With Geralt aiming to take Ciri back to Kaer Morhen so she can be trained and kept safe. With glimpses of Ciri talking about how she feels like she wants to burn the world around her. Most likely indicating that she can not control the power that is inside her. Or maybe about the anger she feels towards the people who have destroyed her city. Also showing Geralt taking Ciri out onto missions to kill monsters. And showing a small glimpse of Dandelion in a hat playing songs inside a bar of some sort. And Yennefer being caught by unknown assailants.

With the release of the second season being the 17th of December there is still some waiting time for fans. But it will most likely be worth the wait as the second season seems to be going for just as big of a scale or most likely even bigger scale than season 1. Until then all fans can do is wait and hope that the second season will meet or exceed their expectations.

Ahad Lalani