The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf is Coming In August

 The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf is Coming In August

As fans of the Witcher series are ecstatic to learn that the second season will be coming in mid-December. But fans will also be glad to know that the second season is not the only Witcher content coming out. The Witcher: Nightmare of The Wolf is an animated movie coming to Netflix on the 23rd of August. This animated movie will not be a continuation of the series. Nor will it be one of Geralt’s solo adventures. But instead will focus on Geralt’s mentor and fellow Witcher Vesemir.

With Studio Mir at the head of the movie. The same people who have worked on The Legend of Korra, The Boondocks, Dota: Dragon’s Blood, and Young Justice. Which by the looks of the animation, it looks very similar as well. And with the success of their previous animated movies. It seems like the new witcher animated movie will be as successful. By the looks of the trailer, it seems that Vesemir will be facing a number of monsters. Including wolves, demons, ghosts, and vampires.

This will be a somewhat interesting look into the life of Vesemir, who is Geralt’s mentor and fellow witcher. And as we can see in the trailer it looks like a prequel to the witcher as well. As Vesemir looks quite young. So we will most likely be seeing Vesemir before he trained Geralt. This would make things quite interesting as we will also be seeing Vesemir in season 2 of the live-action witcher. When Geralt in season 2 brings Ciri to Kaer Morhen.

Where Can You Watch The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf

With Netflix paying Andrzej Sapkowski for the rights to make The Witcher series. Netflix is the only place people will be able to watch both the animated series as well as the live-action one. And it will be interesting to see how much involvement Andrzej Sapkowski has in this new animated movie. As well as how accurate the animated movie is to the original books.

With this and the second season of the witcher about to come out. It looks like Netflix is aiming to capture the witcher fans and make it work to their advantage. But it will all depend on how and if they are able to please the fans of the book as well as long-time fans of the game. With CDPR having nothing to do with the series or the animated movie, it seems that there will also be a different soundtrack to the movie as well. With this in mind, it is much-needed content for fans of the series as they wait for the second season to come out on Netflix as well as a possible Witcher 4 update from CDPR.

Ahad Lalani