PUBG: Unlocking Son Heung-min Cosmetics & Skin

 PUBG: Unlocking Son Heung-min Cosmetics & Skin

For grabbing the attention of players, collaborations between franchises and famous personalities are becoming a thing in the gaming industry. The popularity of these collaborations is increasing day by day in fans. Recently, Warzone added Rambo and Die-hard skins. Fortnite is having a collaboration with Neymar Jr. to make an appearance. This tells us how the gaming industry including PUBG is leaning towards this tendency.

A prominent name in battle royale games, PUBG is also joining this trend now. PUBG is going to bring the famous skilled footballer Son Heung-min to their platform. The news of this went public on June 23rd when the official account of PUBG tweeted an image of the iconic celebration of the said footballer. After few days, data miners have found through the game files that there is a cosmetic bundle of Son Heung-min present. This is definitely exciting for the fanbase and players. It gives them something brand new to get their hands on.

Unlocking Son Heung-min Cosmetic Bundle in PUBG

Now the players are anticipating the items they can collect because of a data miner who leaked the image of an exclusive set. This data miner is PlayerIGN is considered trustworthy. He posted a picture of the full bundle on his Twitter so this is how players know what to expect. This exclusive cosmetic set contains two full outfits, two weapon skins, a signed helmet, and a set of celebration poses. This set is definitely going to be a great addition to the player’s collection.

To unlock it, you will have to buy it from the in-game store. Its price not known yet because there has been no official announcement related to the collaboration between PUBG and Son Heung-min. Therefore, it is hard to say how much it’s going to cost.

Release Date

Unfortunately, we don’t know the exact release date because the PUBG corporation has not announced anything yet. However, we are guessing it’s going to be after patch 12.2. The announcement is going to be a big change for the corporation and fans are going to welcome this change for sure. This is the first that PUBG is going to do something like this. However, If all goes well and this project succeeds then players can hope to see more such collaborations. This is probably going to be the first of many more to come. Rest assured, we are keeping our fingers crossed we will keep you posted with the latest news regarding the collection and the game.

Hassan Shahzad