Apex Legends: Rumors Of An Unreleased Legend

 Apex Legends: Rumors Of An Unreleased Legend

Apex Legends is currently in season 9 and we have got a hint regarding an upcoming legend. Recently, a new patch went live along with the Genisis collection event in Apex Legends. This event also introduced the revenant heirloom. They restored the King’s Canyon and World’s edge for this event and Apex players who have been playing this since day one are thrilled. For those players who have not played since season 1 or 3, this would look like brand new maps to them.

Although this seems like a lot of content for players to enjoy, we know that there is always a yearning for more. They are always curious about upcoming content and leaks that could give any information or insight about what’s to come. In the case of Apex Legends, they release a new legend at the start of a new season. So when the data miner HumanSAS discovered voice lines that hinted at an unreleased legend, the apex community got really pumped up.

What Voice Lines Are Hinting About Unreleased Legend

On June 30, Apex Legends data miner HumanSAS posted the voice lines they discovered in-game files on Twitter. Every character has something to say about the new upcoming legend. Although the Apex roster did not go into much detail, there are some subtle clues present. We have found out that Rampart, Horizon, and Octane have a connection with unreleased legend. They are somehow related to the upcoming legend based on their voice lines. Also, Revenant remarks that they may get along and hints about the legend being cursed. This suggests a dark background story about the new character. On top of that, Pathfinder and Life also mention swarms and moths, which hints at his abilities.

Now the last hint is good news for players who like to bamboozle and confuse enemy squads. Caustic mentions that this unreleased character uses misdirection and subterfuge to achieve his goals. This means that we have got a trickster here who is going to outsmart his opponents. Although we found these voice lines in Season 9, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are going to release this new character in season 10. You never know what Respawn has planned for this character. It is also possible that they release this character in the next patch update or wait a few seasons for the release. Let’s hope that the data miners get their hands on some more clues and keep us posted about what’s coming.

Hassan Shahzad