Apex Legends: A New Glitch Is Causing Reverse Kills

 Apex Legends: A New Glitch Is Causing Reverse Kills

Like every other big multiplayer franchise, Apex Legends is no short of bugs and glitches. We see these bugs and glitches often in multiplayer games. These bugs can be funny and entertaining as well as annoying to the point that you would want to quit the game. For instance, You have brought the enemy down and now you are going to finish the enemy off and you die instead for no apparent reason, you would want to bite your head off in frustration.

The same thing happened with a squad playing Apex Legends recently. When the enemy was down and they tried to finish off, they died instead in the middle of finisher animation. Hence, resulting in an instant elimination.

Killers Get killed For No Reason In Result Of Apex Legends Bug

This was posted on the Apex Legend subreddit and has gotten quite a lot of upvotes since then. On Worlds Edge train Duos, this strange event happened. It shows that a downed player somehow managed to eliminate fully armored enemies. The downed player Real_Sovietunion assumed that they will get eliminated. He was down and the two opponents were right next to him. One of the opponents tried to perform a finisher, maybe because he wanted to save the bullets. So the downed player should have been dead as the result of the finisher but that didn’t happen. Instead, the player who tried to perform a finisher died in the middle of finishing animation and left behind a deathbox. His partner kind of got the gist of what happened and then tried to finish what his teammate started. But the same fate was waiting for him. He died instantly.

We don’t know the exact reason but the glitch is probably related to the team trying to execute on the train. It is hard to belive that Real_Sovietunion managed to kill both his opponents while being down.

Keeping the situation in mind and considering how it happened, it is most likely possible that this will not affect the majority of players. However, it is still an issue that causes stress for the players facing this glitch. Respawn might want to take quick action on this and fix it up. If you are on the train by any chance bear in mind that this can very well happen to you too. To avoid this situation, it is best to not try and save the bullets. Use them on the downed enemy and save your life in the process.

Hassan Shahzad