Warzone World Records For Most Kills In All Formats

 Warzone World Records For Most Kills In All Formats

Back in March 2020, when Warzone went live, no one knew it would become this big of a sensation in esports. But thanks to the continuous efforts of the devs, Warzone become one of the most successful games in less than two years. Recently, the integration of Warzone with Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War has led the title to whole other levels of fame and glory. Giving players of all three titles a chance to fight against one another at a common battlefield. Almost every day new world records are made and broken in the battle royale by players from all across the world.

Another reason behind the rising fame of Warzone is the high-paying tournaments. Allowing famous streamers from Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook to compete against each other for huge prizes. Although players have been setting new Warzone world records for quite some time now, ever since the integration with the Cold War, this spree of new world records has increased.

Warzone Rules For World Records

For a world record to count, there are a few sets of rules that must be followed carefully. The first being that you have to present video proof for all records, images of the scoreboard alone won’t suffice. The second being, if you have made the record by intentionally playing against a low-level lobby, it will not count. Similarly, if your video doesn’t show the levels of the players, it will also not count. You record will also not be counted if it is made in an Limited-Time mode or any other event mode. Moreover, whoever makes the record first will get the title in case two teams or players hold the same record.

Solos World Record

Initially a Russian Streamer, Recrent held the record for most kills in Warzone Solo. But in January 2021, an American Streamer did him one better and broke his recording by scoring 44 kills in a solo match. Now, a Brazilian streamer, iNewwz crossed them both and took the throne for himself with an exceptional kill count of 47.

The Brazilian streamer used the powerful CR-56 AMAX along with MAC-10 to break this world record. In terms of killstreaks, he equipped his loadout with UAVs and Advanced UAVs. The streamer used the 5mw laser and Wire Stock with his MAC-10 to completely obliterate his enemies in seconds.

Duos World Record

ItsDerekMay and LIAM were the ones sitting on Duos world record from July 2020 to January 2021. With an impressive kill score of 76, they managed to stay on top of this record for half a year. Until recently a 14-year-old kid usurped them and took the title for himself. Nistaf, a Portuguese streamer along with dad scored 79 kills on January 5. Nistaf played the game like an absolute beast knocking 61 foes by himself with damage of 17,000.

Trios World Record

First-time Facebook streamers Dizi, Daltt, and Sebas were the ones who originally had the title for most kills as a trios squad. Their total number of kills was 110, with Dizi scoring 46, Daltt 35, and Sebas 29. Later on, Dizi and Daltt teamed up with DonLucky and broke their own world record. Turns out that the change of Sebas was quite successful for them as with DonLucky in the team now, they scored 129 kills. Individually Daltt knocked out 43 foes, Dizi took down 44 opponents and DonLucky put 42 enemies to dirt. These three bad boys are currently the official throne holders of the trios world record.

Quads (150) World Record

Initially, a squad of Warzone streamers broke an eight-month held quad world record by scoring 143 kills. After just two months, ScummN teamed up with Newbz to play against Aydan and Almond in a 2v2. And what devastation it was, as the team shattered the quad world record with their impressive skills and kill count.

Aydan and Almond each piled up 40 plus kills while the other pair gathered 30 plus kills individually. The eyes witnessing this match immediately knew that another world record has been broken. The four pros were extremely grateful and happy upon receiving the title and they showed their gratitude by thanking everyone in the lobby for this opportunity. The total sum of kills that now awaits for a new usurper is 162. Keep in mind that this kill count is more than the number of players who originally dropped into the battlefield.

Solo vs Duos World Record

Former Call of Duty pro Charlie “MutTex” Saouma held three consecutive world records for most kills in a solo vs duos match. However, the second-highest earner of Warzone, HusKerrs did him one better and took the title by scoring an insane amount of 54 kills beating MuTex’s record of 50 kills.

If it weren’t for the integration of Warzone and Cold War, these world records couldn’t have been broken so frequently. Because now Warzone’s meta is more diverse than ever giving players more powerful weapons to play with. This is exactly what helped HusKerrs in breaking the record. He used the long-range DMR along with the MAC-10 for close-quarter fights to lay waste to the whole lobby. It was such an amazing moment for the streamer that he later said, “solos duos game made his whole day.”

Solo vs Trios World Record

Honestly, playing alone against a group of three people in a competitive game like Warzone is not an easy job. However, Jordan “HusKerrs” Thomas┬áput up an impressive game and broke the world record. Without having any teammates to rely on for backup or any sort of help, HusKerrs dominated the whole lobby by piling up 50 kills. As a result, adding another world record to his name.

Solo vs Quads (150) World Record

If going up against a squad of three players is such a daunting task then you can surely imagine what going up against a squad of four players can be like. Horrifying, right? Well not for the highest earner of Warzone, Aydan. As he completely obliterated the solo vs quad world record by managing 60 kills. When Stikinson initially set the world record, it looked like an impossible milestone to achieve but Aydan with his impressive skills and beast of a weapon Kilo-141 along with R9-0 shotgun shattered the entire lobby. Hence proving that he truly is totally worthy of the praise he gets.

Duos vs Trios World Record

To our surprise, the meta that once again broke another world record is DMR/MAC-10. GhanimeGaming and The Modz teamed up together and killed a total of 90 enemies on January 10. With GhanimeGaming alone scoring 54 kills, a number not many Warzone players have reached even in any mode. Hence becoming the new titleholders for duos vs trios world record crossing right over the previous titleholders xUnRational and aHTracT by 4 kills. However, their total damage was less than the previous titleholders.

Duos vs Quads (150) World Record

Duos vs Quads records are the most frequently broken world records in Warzone ever since Cold War’s integration. Currently, SuperEvans and Newbz hold the world record for the highest number of kills in Duos vs Quads. They managed to win this title by knocking down 107 kills during a big tournament on Verdansk. Keep in mind that the current kill count is 22 numbers higher than the previous record, which was set by xUnRationaL and Stukawaki. Once again the meta that helped them achieve such a huge milestone was DMR and MAC-10.

Trios vs Quads (150) World Record

The current highest kill record in a trios vs quads was set in the Toronto Ultra $100k Payout Holiday Feast. And the title holders are none other than three of the Warzone’s finest, Aydan HusKerrs, and ZLaner. Initially, during the start of the tournament no one knew that these three legends are going to make history by scoring 109 kills in a single lobby. However, these top dogs dominated the entire lobby with their remarkable skills and shattered the former record of 104 kills. Needless to say, these world records are getting smashed everyday now. So who knows for how long can they hold on to their title.

Trios vs Quads (200) Record

We can all agree that going up against a lobby of 200 players in Warzone can be an excruciating job. Primarily because Warzone has become quite competitive so you will mostly be facing skilled players. However, the biggest names of Warzone never seize to amaze us. On July 5, NICKMERCS, FaZe Swagg, and the legend Aydan Conrad collectively piled up 108 kills. With Aydan scoring 51 kills, Swagg 38 and NICKMERCS 19.

Warzone World Records

SolosiNewwz47February 2, 2021
DuosNistaf & BabaYuki79January 6, 2021
Triosdizi, xDaltt, DonLucky129January 5, 2021
Quads (150)Aydan, Almond, ScummN, Newbz162March 5, 2021
Solo vs DuosHusKerrs54December 30, 2020
Solo vs TriosHusKerrs50January 11, 2021
Solo vs Quads (150)Aydan60November 19, 2020
Duos vs TriosGhanime Gaming, The Modz90January 10, 2021
Duos vs Quads (150)SuperEvan, Newbz107January 10, 2021
Trios vs Quads (150)Aydan, HusKerrs, ZLaner109December 22, 2020
Trios vs Quads (200)Aydan, FaZe Swagg, NICKMERCS108July 5, 2020

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