Warzone Players Are Demanding Major Perk Changes

 Warzone Players Are Demanding Major Perk Changes

Call of Duty: Warzone has been a huge sensation ever since its release. In a period of fewer than two years, the battle royal has blown away the minds of many players across the world. All thanks to its exclusive arsenal, intriguing operators, stunning maps, and other in-game content. Needless to say, some things can always become a bit too old and rusty. This is exactly why the community now wants the devs to introduce some major perk changes. To make the less used perks more compelling and attractive.

Moving on, Warzone players mostly fixate on the right weapons, with the best attachments and powerful grenades in their loadout in terms of meta. But there’s so much more to it than just a bunch of good guns and attachments. One of these crucial factors is perks, having a good and relative perk in your loadout can take you to places where good weapons alone can’t. For instance, perks like Ghost and Cold Blooded help you stay off opponents’ heartbeat monitors.

Nonetheless, a lot of players in the Warzone community think that the title’s current inventory of perks has become a bit pale. That it needs some major amends and reforms to make other perks useful. As we can all agree that diversity and variety are a much needed necessity for any title.

This slew of suggestions started when a Reddit user vol4lyfe123 said, Raven should drastically buff a few perks to make them worth using. According to him, some perks should change categories such as Quick Fix going to the third slot. Moreover, perks like Hardline and Amped should be removed from the meta. However, the most interesting suggestion was about High Alert.

As per the Redditor, the perks should not only grant normal vision pulses but can also be an alternative for Dead Silence. Hence allowing players to hear enemy footsteps from a certain distance. Another idea suggests tweaking Battle Hardened in a way that it deals less damage to the players from the gas.

Seeing as how a major change in the perk inventory is imperative, other players came forward with suggestions as well. One said, “The Perk Meta is way too stale right now. Hopefully we can get a perk rebalance soon”. Another said, “Ghost doesn’t need nerfed, other perks need desperate buffs”. Similarly, as per WZRanked, Double TIme, Amped, and Ghost have been leading the meta for quite some time now. Hence proving the fact that the meta has indeed become very stale in terms of perks.

Needless to say, it depends on how Raven looks at these perks. Whether they will introduce some changes or not is entirely up to them. However, we do hope that Raven will take these suggestions into consideration. In the meantime, you can check out how a strange bug is allowing players to unlock the new AMP63 early.

Hassan Shahzad