Warzone Players Are Asking For More 80s Themed Crossovers

 Warzone Players Are Asking For More 80s Themed Crossovers

Warzone recently featured the 80s action heroes John McClane and Rambo in the Season 3 Reloaded update. This classic crossover quickly became such a huge sensation that players are now asking for more 80s themed crossovers. The community has dropped in quite some amazing suggestions as well.

Whenever it comes to crossovers, Warzone devs have been a bit reserved and careful. That is exactly why the title has seen only a few crossovers ever since its release. The haunting of Verdansk is among one of the most memorable crossovers as it introduced horror icons to the game. The most recent crossover is the 80’s action heroes that came along in the Season 3 Reloaded update. Although new Operators have been seen in the game despite these two crossovers, they have mostly been exclusive characters from other CoD series. However, the recent 80’s action heroes crossover has been the most successful one. So players are now asking the devs to introduce more of these classic crossovers.

Since the devs have already taken the Verdansk back in time to 1984, it presents an ideal opportunity to add such vintage characters. Honestly, suggestions from the community in this regard are quite compelling. From famous heroes of other video games to celebrated cinematic legends, can all prove quite successful. So far Activision has only collaborated with a few film franchises in the case of Warzone to this date. These few being Rambo and Die hard. But, how would things look if the devs decide to add other video game characters to the battle royale? Pretty exciting right?

This idea was put forward by a Reddit user, “ElectroLuminescence“. The suggestion is instead of adding a war hero, why not introduce the legend Tommy Vercetti from Grand Theft Auto into the game? Given the fact that we haven’t seen him since 2002, the devs will have to buff his graphics and overall look. However, with the right amount of work and a bit of innovation, Tommy can fit right into the mix.

Moving on, another Reddit user, “Brunz514” suggests that the devs should go with Scarface Bundle. We can all agree that the aurora Tony Montana shared is unmatchable to this date. So adding such an iconic character could take things to next level in Warzone. Although he doesn’t have any military training, the classic ruthlessness and the perfect aim can make him a great addition.

With that said, a bunch of players came forward with ideas of their own. Ranging from a potential Robocop skin to the rumored Terminator bundle. The devs have a wide range of options to choose from. Nonetheless, we can’t say for sure which character the devs will be opting for but we do know for sure that Activision is planning to add more 80’s themed crossovers in Warzone. Only time will tell what the devs have in store for the title till then stay tuned.

Hassan Shahzad