Warzone Might Be Getting A New WW2 Themed Map

 Warzone Might Be Getting A New WW2 Themed Map

According to reports, Raven Software might be working on introducing a new map into Warzone. This map could be drawing its inspiration from the latest Call of Duty 2021 that will soon be releasing with a World War II theme map.

If rumors are to be believed than the latest franchise of Call of Duty will be named Call of Duty: Vanguard. Moreover, Sledgehammer Games will be the developers of this upcoming title. Given the fact Sledgehammer Games did quite a good job on Call of Duty: World War II, fans are expecting equal results on this title as well, if not better.

Now, Warzone experienced the biggest overhaul in its history not more than two months ago. One of the biggest maps of the game, Verdansk went back in time in 1984 with the addition of several new POIs. Similarly, the third season update introduced several news guns and limited-time mode events as well. Seeing as how these additions are not more than two months old, a new map could just change this all.

New Warzone Map

The latest map will come under the title “Pacific” and it is going to be bigger than Warzone’s already biggest map Verdansk. As reported by VGC, this new map will also introduce new vehicles so that the players don’t have to face any difficulty covering the large area of the map. Another good thing about this new map is that it will be on Warzone and Modern Warfare engine. Given the fact that fans have already grown fond of this engine, the transition between the two will be smooth.

Ever since Warzone went live in March 2020, it has been growing significantly in terms of popularity. Similarly, it also has one of the biggest player pools in esports. All in all, Warzone proved out to be one of Call of Duty’s most successful franchises. That is exactly why the devs are not leaving any stone unturned to keep the title’s charm alive and fresh. Those worried about the integration of Warzone and Vanguard cheer up because this integration will be much better than Cold War. As Sledgehammer Games have been planning it for a long time and they are more than prepared.

As far as the release date of this map is concerned, it will be coming alongside Vanguard’s integration. The latest Call of Duty: Vanguard is expected to release in November 2021. And according to another rumor, Activision might not be taking part in E3. This means that the devs are planning to reveal their upcoming title themselves. So who knows we might just see it sooner. Keep in mind that Warzone Season 4 is also around the corner and here what we know so far.

Hassan Shahzad