Warzone Bug: Prone Players Are Looking Like Dead Bodies

 Warzone Bug: Prone Players Are Looking Like Dead Bodies

As if Warzone didn’t have enough problems already, another weird bug came like a slap in the face. It looks like that this bug has something to do with the visuals of the game. As it is tricking players by showing them that their opponent is dead. However, in reality, that opponent is in a prone position waiting for the perfect moment to take you down.

Warzone has had its fair share of bugs and glitches ever since it went live in 2020. Although some bugs are quite harmless and funny even, others can break the spirit and cause frustration among players. Imagine you are in the middle of your game and someone invisible enemy starts shooting at you, not knowing how to fight can be quite frustrating right?

Honestly, bugs that cause visual disturbance are the worst. For instance, if you can’t really see whether the opponent player is alive or not then how can you expect to win the match? Having the perfect visuals is a crucial factor for scoring a win. Unfortunately, a Warzone player recently discovered a bug that is making enemy players appear dead when in reality they are just prone. This glitch apparently when the animation is disturbed by an object or wall.

A Redditor, Dutton90 recently shared a video clip of this insane glitch on CODWarzone subreddit. It quickly spread like wildfire gaining over 2,500 upvotes on the platform. After climbing a set of stairs, Dutton thought he saw a dead body at the corner. To his dismay, it was not a dead body but a prone player shown as a dead body because of this glitch.

So understandably enough, Dutton ignored the body and continued to climb up but the opponent quickly got up and knocked him out. It looks like if you go prone on an object like on a plant pot in this case, a visual bug will cause you to appear as a dead body. This unfortunate bug sent Dutton90 straight to his death.

Although this glitch doesn’t really seem like a game-breaking issue, it is causing a lot of frustration. It seems like Raven isn’t really concerning itself with the issue right now. This is quite understandable as the devs already have a lot on their hands. Especially with Season 4 on the horizon. So the best you can do for now is to double-check any dead body you come across. To avoid becoming a victim of this visual bug.

Hassan Shahzad