Warzone Broken Ping System Is Causing Serious Frustration

 Warzone Broken Ping System Is Causing Serious Frustration

The live ping system in Warzone play a crucial role when it comes to marking opponents and ensuring kills. However, players have been reporting issues with live ping like it completely disappears or just doesn’t register sometimes. An ineffective ping system can not only cause problems in communication but can also affect the overall performance of players.

Almost every battle royales like Fortnite, PUBG, Apex Legends have been using this live ping feature as a way to mark enemies. In addition to spotting opponent players, this feature also allows you to share information about your targets without speaking. Similarly, if you can learn to use this ping system carefully, it can help you increase your kill count. As knowing where an enemy is before pulling the trigger can assist you in landing the perfect shot.

To our dismay, Warzone players recently noticed that the game’s ping system is not working as it should be. To make matters even worse, players are even reporting that the ping in some cases is not working at all. Although in a friends squad this doesn’t cause much of a problem, it can quite frustrating for random squad members. As it causes a huge gap in the communication process which in return can make you miss a target.

Faulty Ping In Warzone

The broken ping reports started coming after the Season 3 Reloaded update went live. Generally, with an effective ping system, you can mark any enemy within visible range for the rest of your teammates to see. But since the ping is broke, it just suddenly disappears after you the target or just doesn’t register at all. As a result, many players are becoming the victim of unnecessary deaths. That could have been avoided if it weren’t for the faulty ping system.

kbX1 said, “I am so tired of live pinging someone and it disappearing instantly. It’s frustrating because it’s not like it leaves a regular ping in its place. So my teammates will have no idea where to look.” Unfortunately, kbX1 is not the only player facing issues related to broken ping. Several other players are also becoming victims of this frustrating issue as well.

Furthermore, many players suggested that Warzone servers are not working properly which is why the ping is not working as intended. SpaceCommanderNix says, “It’s because their servers have been dog s**t since the mid-season update. Your live ping isn’t reaching the server sometimes. It’s not the only bug right now that can easily be attributed to how bad their f***ing servers are.”

With that said, Warzone devs have no yet responded to the issue yet. However, players are hoping for a quick fix so that they can go back to enjoying the game peacefully. Also, check out our recent article on the latest rumors of Warzone getting a new map.

Hassan Shahzad