Warzone: 100 Loadout Drops Called In At Once Make The Servers Go Crazy

 Warzone: 100 Loadout Drops Called In At Once Make The Servers Go Crazy

Warzone has been one of the most luxurious and top-notch battle royals ever since its release. Seeing as how the Call of Duty series has been around for decades, Warzone’s immense production is quite understandable. Everything about the title is almost as exclusive and as exceptional as it gets. The huge amount of designers, software engineers, and security members looking after the game 24/7 just explain how truly royal this battle royal is. Despite all these efforts, Warzone still has a few loopholes and limitations. We often see these limitations in the form of hackers, bugs, and glitches.

The most recent example of Warzone’s limitation was seen when more than 100 players called in loadout drops at once. Hence causing the Warzone servers to go crazy. Thanks to the private lobby feature in Warzone, players can use them for personal tournaments or 1on1 competitions. For instance, whenever famous players want to play a match with their preferred friends, they drop into these custom private lobbies. This helps them avoid the risk of being a victim of a hacker or stream sniper.

Nonetheless, you know how the saying goes “Think outside the box”, well this is exactly what some players did when it came to the uses of private lobby. Famous YouTube mythbusters “DefendTheHouse” are known for pushing games’ limitations to an extreme extent. Just to find out how good of a game is it or to see how much pressure it can handle. Recently, they decided to see test Warzone by making a private lobby and adding 130 players to it. All of the players just had to do one task, call in as many Loadout Drops as possible.

Honestly, you would be in a state of surprise to find out what the results were. As soon as the Loadout Drops started raining, Warzone servers just broke. Graphics went back to the 90s era, frame rate started dropping drastically and players were glitching significantly. All in all, the Warzone servers just couldn’t handle more than 100 players grouped together at one small spot on the map. The host of this experiment said with a burst of huge laughter, “They look like PS1 characters.”

When the Loadout drops finally fell to the ground, it was a moment of utter chaos. As players were phasing in and out like they would in a 90s game. However, it did prove the fact that there is no limit as to how many Loadout drops can be called in at once.

With that said, the game didn’t entirely stop so technically it means that Warzone is totally worthy of its reputation. Let’s be honest, pulling off something like this in a public lobby is almost impossible. As who can persuade the entire lobby to gather at one place and call in Loadout Drops? Possibly, no one. So you don’t really have to worry much about it. However, do make sure to check out the best Assault Rifles and Attachments class loadout in Warzone.

Hassan Shahzad