Valorant Patch Note 2.11 Is On Its Way

 Valorant Patch Note 2.11 Is On Its Way

With Riot Games skipping the patch note 2.10, it looks like patch note 2.11 is coming out in Valorant. Although the new patch is not as big compared to the previous patch notes to come out. While the patch note isn’t much for adding in new features. It will however increase the framerate by 1% on average. This will be something players will most likely be looking forward to.

Players were also excited to see a new agent but it looks like that won’t be happening this time either. This time around developers are focusing on performance. Jeff Landa the communication associate for Riot Games has said. “Not for nothing, Patch 2.11 should improve your framerate by 1% on average if you’re on a medium-high spec machine”. Meaning that the new patch will be focused on improving the performance of players on Valorant.

How much Have Developers Changed In Valorant With The New Patch Note?

Replication is back in Valorant as well. As was previously discussed that Riot will be switching game modes every update. And this time Replication will be available for players to play in game mode. There has also been a small feature that’s been added to the leaderboard. That addition is a search bar that will help players find players by name on the leaderboard. The developers have also fixed a bug that was affecting Reyna’s ability to buy and sell abilities. The developers have also fixed other bugs which were causing them problems with the leaderboard’s UI.

These are the only updates and fixes that the developers have done for this new patch. Jeff Landa has also said, “I know, after skipping Patch 2.10 you expected fireworks. Just look at this patch as the quiet before the Episode 3 storm”. This means that the next patch is just what Valorant players might be looking forward to. As rumors of a new agent have also been going on and this seems like it will be released in the next patch. This is possibly hinting towards a big change coming to Valorant and big added features to come in the next patch note update.

The next patch note update will most likely be coming in July and is bound to be a big one if Jeff Landa is to be believed. And with it, we will possibly get to see the new agent as well. As for now, all Valorant players can do is wait until the next patch to see what the developers have in store for them. To read up on the specifications of the latest patch note go to and see what the patch update holds.

Ahad Lalani