Valorant: Everything You Need To Know About Agent 16

 Valorant: Everything You Need To Know About Agent 16

It is expected that Valorant is going to launch agent 16 soon. Previously players only had 15 agents to strategize around and execute their game plan. Moreover, players even thought that they are going to get Agent 16 in Valorant Episode 2 act 3. However, that didn’t happen and Roit delayed the release of Grenadier.

The Valorant community was a bit sour after this mainly because with episode 2 Riot had launched a new map Breeze with act 3 update. Making it a perfect opportunity for agents to show what they are all about. Sadly, there was no new agent launched with the new map. Now players have to wait a bit for the new agent. Not to worry, Agent 16 will be joining the squad, just not right now.

Player cards and the promo videos also did not give us any insight into the new agent. Some players thought that the promo video on the Arabian Valorant account is the teaser for the new agent but this was not the case. It was a trailer for Strike Arabia, a new tournament. There was no apparent news after this for some weeks. Then Valorant got 2.09 update. The Dataminers found a codename hidden in the game’s code ‘Grenadier. Now it is a possibility that the name suggests the playstyle of this new agent. Also, it could just be a codename and the gameplay is entirely different.

Agent 16’s Abilities

On May 2 Riot released a teaser on Agent 16 Grenadier. They also mentioned the agent’s abilities a little. According to those details, this new agent is going to have the abilities that players who enjoy fps games should be familiar with.

“This is an Agent whose utility can create moments where you must rely on your gunplay,” Riot wrote in their post. We can guess on the basis of this and previously leaked Grenadier info that this agent definitely has some kind of firepower. The firepower mentioned could be Grenades or some kind of traps that would blast on activation. This new agent could be a Duelist or Sentinel in the light of this statement regarding gunplay.

Release Date

Riot is not following the schedule of releasing agents per Act with Episode 2 Act 3 when they did not drop a new agent. This means we can expect the release of the new agent in Valorant Episode 3 Act 1. There was a discussion about what has Riot planned for the title’s one-year anniversary and this was hinted at in Riot’s June 2 post. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

Hassan Shahzad