Pokemon Go Season Of Discovery Is On Its Way

 Pokemon Go Season Of Discovery Is On Its Way

Pokemon Go has just finished up their Season Of Legends which has been a hit with the players. Well, Niantic isn’t stopping with the end of the season of legends. They’ve got plenty of events and presents in-store for players. And the first one which has started on the 1st of June is the Season of Discovery. This season will also feature the fifth anniversary of Pokemon Go. The anniversary itself is expected to have a special day event as well. Along with the anniversary, there is also the Pokemon Go Fest 2021 that will also happen during this Season.

The previous season gave players many interesting events and gave players the chance to capture new legendary Pokemon. This season also debuted Xerneas and Yveltal who players were most excited for at the time. Along with this, there were also XP boost events and opportunities to capture shiny Pokemon in the area during the event. With so much in store for the previous season, players will be expecting something similar in this season.

With the Tweet from the Pokemon Go Twitter account, we can see that players will get a chance to discover some new Pokemon. With the Season of Discovery starting on the 1st of June and ending on the 1st of September. So the season of discovery will last for 4 months with interesting events taking place during this time. The first kickoff event will be the Regirock, Regice, and Registeel event. With these three Pokemon returning for five-star raids. This event has already started and will end on the 17th of June. After which there will be a surprise Pokemon appearing in raids that has yet to be announced.

What Else Will The Season Of Discovery Bring To Pokemon Go?

Niantic has also announced that mega raids will have a limited one mega-evolved at a time. Pokemon such as Alolan Rattata, Magnemite, and Porygon will be appearing more frequently in the wild. This will give players a chance to capture these rare pokemon before they disappear again. These events will also give players a chance at finding shiny Pokemons as well. This season will also bring along with it field research tasks in different Pokestops. With monthly changes to the Pokestops and new tasks and rewards along with it.

Players will also get a chance to attain free Remote Raid Pass from Research Breakthrough rewards in the month of June. Research breakthroughs will also give players the chance to attain double XP after each breakthrough. And this will be active throughout the whole season. So players should focus on research breakthrough tasks and try to complete them for the XP bonuses. Egg hatching will also most likely be a part of new events as well.

With Covid-19 pandemic still affecting the world, Pokemon Go is still going strong with new players coming in. And not only new ones but the amount of players playing during the previous season it seems that Niantic is going strong. And looks like this new season will be just as strong.

Ahad Lalani