NICKMERCS Wants Warzone Devs To Create Better Maps

 NICKMERCS Wants Warzone Devs To Create Better Maps

Although Activision keep things running by handing out timely updates and patch notes, Warzone hasn’t seen an entirely different chapter yet. That is exactly why famous Call of Duty Pro Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff is calling on the devs to add more POIs and make better maps.

Warzone’s recent update introduce quite a lot to the game in terms of latest content. For instance, the latest Power Grab LTM and the stunning AMP63 can’t certainly go unnoticed. However, the addition of Nakatomi Plaza was by far the most exceptional and best change for the players. This 490 feet tall building is the replacement of the Broadcast Tower in Downtown. Ever since its addition, this skyscraper has become has hotspot for players to drop and camp out.

Although the devs are introducing changes to the game more often now, Warzone still hasn’t seen a massive overhaul like other battle royales. Even though the third season update brought a lot of new POIs in Verdnask along with taking the largest map back in time to 1984. Nonetheless, even with all these new additions, Verdansk 84 was still not much different from the original. Although the Rebirth Island map helped a lot in filling the void of new content, players were expecting a brand new map. So, Nick like always came forward with a few suggestions of his own to make Warzone more charming.

Moreover, according to some recent leaks, a new Warzone Ural Mountain map could be coming soon. But players are still wondering why can’t Activision just release a completely brand new map. As numerous other battle royales like Apex Legends and PUBG have several battle royale maps for their players. Nick said, “The biggest issue with the brand new map is if they put something out and they swing and miss. That’s bad, that’s horrible. We’ve seen other games do this, it could ruin the game completely”. Given the fact that Nick has a huge affiliation with the title, he has every right to make suggestions. Seeing how slow Activision has been in solving issues, his worries are quite understandable.

Needless to say, may be Nick is right about the risk involved in making an entirely new map. In contrast, adding new POIs and limited time modes is less risky. So, perhaps that is why the devs are not adding a new map. Nonetheless, the title is very far behind when it comes to fresh and new content like other esports.

Hassan Shahzad