GTA Online: Customizable Variant Of The Hauler Can Drive Underwater

 GTA Online: Customizable Variant Of The Hauler Can Drive Underwater

GTA has huge a cult following since the days of vice city. GTA Online has a different campaign and it has the map of San Andreas based on South California which includes the fictional city of Los Santos based on Los Angeles. So players have a huge ground to roam around and to engage in different interesting activities. It allows players to free roam San Andreas as they play a silent protagonist and become a leading crime figure while creating their own empire.

As it offered a separate experience from the single-player story version. In the beginning, GTA had a fair share of problems and glitches. And it also faced a lot of criticism for lack of direction and repetitive missions. However, Rockstar turned the tables and it went from biggest disappointment to best multiplayer.

For the fans of GTA, there’s a lot of stuff to look forward to nowadays. The remastered version of GTA Online is about to release on the Xbox series and PS5. Moving on, the new content also includes another heist mission after the success of Cayo Perico, players have a lot of time on their hands to check out and buy in-game cars.

When it comes to diversity, GTA offers numerous ways for you to classify your vehicle. Ranging from manufacture to class, from the game edition to dealer website, and more. Similarly, they can sort them by release date, price, and statistics. There are a number of fun things to explore that Rockstar does not tell you. As of June 2, an online community member found out the secret ability of Hauler Custom.

Redditor Discovered A Secretly Ability Of Custom Hauler In GTA Online

It looks like driving your vehicle through water could be an interesting experience but it was not possible in GTA online until this discovery. Turns out that hauler custom can do that and it is an amphibian vehicle. As a Reddit user, Sunhat-sandwich shows the map of where he drove this vehicle. He said, “Just noticed that the Hauler Custom (the flat nose MOC truck) can drive fine through these waterways even though the water gets up to the windows!”

Usually in GTA online if the exhaust of a vehicle is submerged into the water it will be impossible to drive. With a custom hauler, you can drive through these areas without having any difficulty. Its price in GTA online is 1.4 million dollars which is quite expensive for an amphibian vehicle. But the question is it worth the money? With that said, this is just one example of how Rockstar Games have secretly embedded these features into the game. For information on other esports like Call of Duty or Apex Legends stay tuned.

Hassan Shahzad