Fortnite: Locations Of All Exotic Weapons

 Fortnite: Locations Of All Exotic Weapons

In Fortnite, Exotic weapons like the Dragon’s Breath Sniper and the Burst Quad Launcher first appeared in the title’s episode 2 season 5. They were available to buy from NPCs using in-game Gold bars currency. Fortnite recently launched new IO tech weapons and seems to be focusing more on them in season 7. So players were not sure that Exotic weapons are still available or not.

The good news is, Exotic weapons are still here but the method to obtain them has changed. Here is everything you need to know about how to find Exotic Weapons in Fortnite episode 2 season 7. How many Gold bars you are going to need and where to find NCPs that sell them.

How to Get Your Hands on Exotic Weapons in Fortnite

Exotic Weapons are not as lethal as Mystic Weapons but it’s totally up to you whether you want to spend your gold bars on them or not. Most players will definitely try to get them as collectibles and limited-time weapons. Previously the NPCs that sold them would appear in different locations and you could buy from them by paying them in gold bars. Now in season 7, they are static. You can earn gold bars by doing different quests and missions that NPCs give you.

Weapons Locations

In season 7 there are only five exotic weapons hidden for players to find. It appears that Epic games are turning things back to basics. Although, it is a possibilty that more weapons could be added. For now, these are the only weapons available.

  • The first one is Storm Scout. You can buy this weapon from NPC Riot by paying 500 bars, and the location is yellow Steele bridge. First, you will have to defeat the NPC then talk him into buying weapons.
  • The second one is the shadow tracker and NCP who has this weapon is Maven. You can go to Dinky Dish and buy it for 400 bars.
  • Night Hawk is the third one. You can buy it from Guggimon at Lockie’s Lighthouse in 400 bars. You’ll also have to defeat this NCP first in order to talk him into selling the gun.
  • Marksman Six Shotter is going to cost you 400 bars. You can buy it from Abstrakt in Retail Row.
  • If you want a Chug Canon for yourself, you have to find and kill Loot Llamas spawning at random locations. Then you will get this weapon.

There’s some leaked information about a new weapon named Cowinator. Which is coming to season 7 soon. Rick & Morty’s Rick Sanchez will be selling this weapon.

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Hassan Shahzad