Dying Light 2 Coming Out In December

 Dying Light 2 Coming Out In December

The long-awaited sequel Dying Light 2 to the hit game Dying Light is finally getting a release date. The game will be released on PC, Playstation, and Xbox on the 7th of December. Fans of the game have been waiting a long time for the sequel and they’re finally getting it. And with the release date, Techland has also released a new gameplay trailer alongside it.

As the developers have only given broad and vague updates to the game for some time. With the release date so close they have begun to open up about what the game will be about. Not just that but have also become more specific in details as well. With the Lead Game Designer Tymon Smektala giving a 2 part Reddit AMA before the release of this trailer. Things have really started to build up and this gameplay trailer has shown some interesting things in it as well.

The gameplay trailer aims to give the viewer a sneak peak into the world of Dying Light 2. It talks about the story, gameplay, and many other aspects of the game.

The Story Of Dying Light 2:

The story of Dying Light 2 takes place 15 years after the apocalypse. With the viral outbreak still looming over the world and with no end in sight. With 98% of the population of the world being evaporated and turned into zombie-like creatures. The only thing the other lucky 2% can do in this world is to try and survive as long as they can. Creating a new world on top of the old civilization that used to stand there in its place. In the first game, you played Kyle Crane who is sent out on a mission by the GRE.

This time around you will be playing Aiden Caldwell. He is an outsider who is looking to unravel a mystery from his own past. This is what leads Aiden to the brutal city. You will meet the Night Riders who will help you along the way. The voiceover also hints at something shady going on with the Night Riders as well. Another mystery that Aiden will have to figure out as he goes on.

With factions struggling to take power in the city. You will be able to help specific factions or fight against them to reach your goals. And depending on the faction you choose, the story and terrain will also change. With each faction having interesting characters and backstories, it will be up to you to choose amongst them. Of course, there are some that offer no alliance. With bandits and goons roaming the city who are aiming for nothing more than chaos.

Good Night And Good Luck

While these factions, bandits, and goons are people you have to worry about during the day. The monsters you have to avoid at night are another story altogether. As night comes, the infected pour into the streets, and this time we get to see some interesting mutations of these monsters as well. Which are an even greater threat. As the infected monsters are something you can not escape from by entering buildings. As they have infested most buildings and can come out of hiding from unexpected places.

While the night is dangerous, it is also the time when players will have interesting opportunities as well. Nests that are filled with infested are empty during the night. But you must be careful as you explore them. As they will still have some infested crawling inside protecting the nest. And if you are brave enough to go inside the nest, you will be rewarded with interesting bounties.

Mastering The Art Of Survival In Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 will give your character extraordinary parkour skills. This will help you travel the interesting world of dying light with ease. As the developers have focused the architecture of the world in such a way that jumping and gliding through the areas is the easiest way to get by. Your parkour will help you get by on roofs and jump towards faraway buildings. But you will have to face enemies head-on at times. During these times you will have to focus on your survival skills and fighting through your enemies. The game will also give you interesting weapons to fight with which will make the fights more exciting. There are also different game styles you can hone your skills in to fight your enemies.

Your Choices Your World

In Dying Light 2, each move and choice matters. You will choose your allies and actions and through them, you will change not only the narrative. But you will also change the map and how the city looks throughout the game. As your choices not only decide your fate but also decide how the residents of the cities lives’ will turn out as well. The narrator also hints at a possible future where you might also turn into an infected too.

Dying Light 2 will be released on the 7th of December of this year. This news along with the new gameplay trailer has fans hyped for the game to come out. And by the looks of it, this game will most likely be just as good if not better than its previous installment. As the maps are bigger which will allow players to use parkour moves to travel throughout the city. The actions throughout the game will also have much heavier consequences and different outcomes throughout the game. Players will be able to enjoy repeated playthroughs of the game and experience the different endings themselves.

Ahad Lalani