Nemestice; DOTA 2’s New Heavily Controversial Battlepass

 Nemestice; DOTA 2’s New Heavily Controversial Battlepass

Not so abnormal is the regular revenue generation from one of the biggest companies in the videogame industry. Valve today released a new event for their popular title DOTA 2 named ‘Nemestice’, but the real twist alongside it was a brand new Battlepass that normally withheld the few previous months of The International. Since this year would look to have the skipped TI event of last year, the revenue and prizepool generation for the event through its Battlepass had already taken place. Hence, this new Battlepass is exclusive in it’s entirety and there doesn’t seem to be any event that’ll gain prizepool from it’s earnings.

Spectre’s Long Awaited Arcana:

The new Nemestice Battlepass introduces new Personas, rewards, and more importantly, the long awaited Spectre Arcana. It is the same one which was voted upon by last TI’s Battlepass purchasers. However, it seems that there is much criticism and debate this time around on it’s resurgence as a reward behind a relatively high paywall. Fans are not happy; the Battlepass seems to be too expensive and it’s afflictions are many due to what and where the rewards hold.

The biggest negative response on the DOTA 2 subreddit is for the Spectre Arcana. As it was a vote winner, people were assuming the highest cosmetic tier item would become available for purchase as a normal Arcana item does; an average 35$ singular purchase. This was not the case, and people are not happy. The Spectre arcana was just announced to be a high end reward through the new Nemestice Battlepass, and sits at 300+ levels. Fans and voters alike are not looking to this too kindly.

Grinding Rewards:

If that’s not enough, this time around the Battlepass seems to be less rewarding despite the grinding view. An average general calculation of completing almost all the grinding plays within the Battlepass would barely reward people with about 100 levels. So even if supposedly a person purchased the highest tier Battlepass for 42$ that would have his starting line at level 100, he’d only be able to reach Level 200 on the pass. That’s still far away from the Spectre Arcana. Hence, even with grinding, people are looking at spending around 100$ on this Battlepass. This is a must if they want to gain all of it’s rewards.

The Battlepass does give other rewards. The anime series, DOTA: Dragon’s Blood’s critical response booted their second season. It looks to make a crossover with the original game through a new Persona for Dragon Knight. Davion from the anime and the Eldwyrm join the game in their full glory. Alongside this is a reward that is also gaining debate; the Invoker Persona of a previous Invoker persona. Only that it’s just with a previous rare skin of the Hero. That sums up most of the rewards, and it does sound lackluster.

Every Battlepass in the previous years seemed cost and expensive in nature. But this time, it looks like the bigger fanbase is on the negative commenting side. It is still too early to tell if this would get a tweak due to the critical response. However, it would be one that the Battlepass could need this time around.

If you’d like to check up on the whole Event, check out the official page for DOTA 2’s Nemestice.