Destiny 2: Multiweek Quest Guide, How to Unlock and More

 Destiny 2: Multiweek Quest Guide, How to Unlock and More

Destiny’s season of the splicer has given the players a lot more to play and moved the storyline ahead. there are more guns to avail now and they also added new activities, which are override and expunge. The last season’s activities set the bar pretty high as players expected the same level of gameplay as Presage. Although this season of Destiny 2 does not follow the same formula as the Presage, it has highly interesting vex-themed visuals and stuff to explore and conquer. Here are all the details you should know about Expunge in Destiny’s season 2 of the Splicer.

Unlocking The Expunge

Now to unlock the expunge in Destiny 2 you need to make sure that you are all caught up with the questline of Mithrax and his path of the splicer quests. if you have been actively seeking all the new quests then you should have Expunge unlocked already. the first mission of Expunge, Labyrinth, should be available for you. and if it’s not the case then you’ll need to do the Mithrax’s questline and get to the Path of Splicer III.

when you will start Path of the Splicer III, you will have to go to the Tangled Shore to complete its Override encounter. keep that in mind that you’ll need keycodes for unlocking a special chest. After completing the Override you’ll find a Conflux Chest near the post-boss loot container. After interacting with the chest you’ll get the ‘Message received’ quest step. Now you have to go talk to Mithrax and you will unlock the Expunge.

Destiny 2’s Multiweek Quest Explained

Expunge is Season of the Splicer’s weekly mission which is quite different from the last season’s presage missions. Although this is what players will want to play every week it is a little different from last season. This season does require you to complete activities similar to other weekly missions and do different tasks. Missions have different variations, different maps, objectives, and bosses to deal with. Expunge is packed with a variety of stuff to do like puzzles, unlocking different secrets, and platforming.

The power required for playing Expunge is 1290, which is not that difficult to achieve. You will have to deal with enemies like Barrier champions so you are going to need guns accordingly. Expunge is all about Vex network and it is more like interference missions from Season of Arrivals. There is so much interesting stuff to do in this season that you will keep going back for more each week.

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Hassan Shahzad