CS:GO Newest Update Makes You Pay To Play Ranked

 CS:GO Newest Update Makes You Pay To Play Ranked

With the newest update from Valve, it seems that players of CS:GO will have to pay to play ranked matches. However, ranked matches are not the only thing that players will have to pay for either. There are a few more features that CS:GO players will have to pay for rather than having it for free. While Valve has noted that any player can download the game and play it for free. The ranked matches have become matches players will have to pay to play.

The CS:GO Twitter account has also posted that the game will be putting in unranked matchmaking. So new and free players will be able to play amongst themselves. But without the prime upgrade which you will have to pay for. You will lose your XP progress and current skill group. This means that players using the free gameplay will not gain XP progress. And will be unable to add a skill group.

Valve has noted that the features of the game like ranks, skill groups, and drops are “become an incentive for bad actors to hurt the experience of both new and existing players”. This is due to the number of cheaters and newbies present in CS:GO. Which has been a long-time complaint from players. Valve aims to fix this problem by making Prime and ranked matches pay to play. Most newbies who are in it to ruin games halfway will most likely be unwilling to pay for rankings.

Will This Actually Help With CS:GO Cheating Problem

The solution that Valve has come up with is basically, that they should offer ranking and other features to players who are willing to play. As new players will most likely not pay to play and will choose the alternative which is an unranked game. While this might become a good way to get the newbie and cheating problem under control. It could also become a problem if players feel that they do not want to pay for ranked matches. This could lead to a heavy loss in players for the game. CS:GO has always been a free-to-play game for its players. And this change from free-to-play to pay-to-play might cause somewhat of an uproar in the CS gaming community.

Of course, there is not telling as to how the gaming community will actually react to this news. And Valve has already implemented this pay-to-play scenario in the game. And players will not be shy about telling Valve how they feel about this new implementation. So for now we just have to wait and see how players react to this news. And how Valve will move further ahead with this. As this is something that could most likely become very lucrative for Valve as well. With more than 20 million monthly players this could be seen as a goldmine for Valve.

Ahad Lalani