Call of Duty: Unreleased Warzone Map Gets Leaked

 Call of Duty: Unreleased Warzone Map Gets Leaked

At the start of 2021, it was said the Raven Software is going to replace Warzone’s Verdansk map with something entirely different. Although these were just rumors at that time. Some leaked images appeared here and there but they did not make a ruckus. All of this made leakers from all over the world really worked up. They started seeking out information regarding this and Ural Mountain locations in Call of Duty became a point of interest in many player’s discussions.

Players did expect that a new map is reserved for Blackout 2.0. However, Warzone’s success scrapped it. Now a group of leakers by the name of Cheezburgerboyz have posted an actual gameplay video of 8 minutes.

Gameplay Footage of Call of Duty Warzone’s Allegedly New Map

They posted the video in late June 6th. In the video, a player is roaming around on the map and looting just like you are supposed to, in a normal battle royal. Different locations like Zoo, Luca, and Mines are present with HUD. The leaked HUD made some players believe that it was not related to the current Warzone Engine.

The video also backs up the rumor that it may be a part of Blackout 2.0. This gameplay looks quite similar to Blackout.

As we know, previously in Verdansk the total number of players who could play battle royal was 150. In January Tom Henderson said that the new map is quite large. He said that Raven Software and Treyarch are working on it. The new map is going to be much bigger than the current map. “The new warzone map is extremely large, so much so that it has 23 locations. There will be more vehicles,” @InfoCoDEsp_ said this in a tweet later in March and backed up this information.

There was also talk about the number of players that it will be 250. After seeing a huge map it is quite possible that the rumors about 250 players in a match can possibly be true. So who knows the developers might have done something like that.

Fans really love the Verdansk map in Call of Duty but they also want changes too. There had been quite a lot of server issues with just 150 players. Now adding 100 more is not going to do the situation any better. Although, it is quite possible that this may not happen at all. All in all, there is no way to tell for sure if this map is actually coming to the title. Game developers run corresponding tests all the time. It still is interesting to see these possibilities.

Hassan Shahzad