Apex Legends Season 9: How To Check Map Rotation Out Of Game

 Apex Legends Season 9: How To Check Map Rotation Out Of Game

With Season 9 in full swing, Apex Legends has seen a wide array of latest content. Especially the new feature of map rotation. In case you are still playing the plagued version of the Olympus or missed the World’s Edge in Season 8, there’s still a way. You can see which map is available in Season 9 without actually loading up the game.

Apex Legends is glowing like a star in dark night in terms of growing player count. Especially since the release of Season 9, which brought a bunch of new content. For instance the exciting 3v3 Arenas mode and the addition of a new Legend, Valkyrie. Of course, players in Apex Legends have a favorite and a least favorite map, especially since it has such a huge player pool. So to save you the time of loading up your game to check which map is now available to play, we have come up with another great trick. A trick that can help you track your favorite map’s schedule without getting online.

Although maps in Ranked Leagues keep changing, there are only two maps available for public games in Apex. These two maps in rotation are the Olympus and World’s Edge. In case you’re wondering where is Kings Canyon, it’s taking a break after being heavily featured in Season 8. Similarly, since Season 9’s Arenas mode, the game has got 3 more maps in the 3v3 mode’s rotation. These three maps are Phase Runner, Golden Garden, and Party Crasher.

Now, without any further ado let’s start, there’s a website called apexmap, which allows you to easily see which map is currently available in public games. Not only does it tell which map is active at the moment but also lets you know when it will be replaced. Similarly, if you want to know what will be the next map, simply click on the “Upcoming Maps”. If you want to know a map’s availability on a specific date and time, all you’ve to do is enter the details. And it will tell you exactly what map will be available at that time and for how long.

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Moreover, apexmaps gives you all the details about the Arenas’ maps as well. You can select the “Arena map tracker” by clicking the icon next to the bell in the top right corner. And there you have it, a full in-depth breakdown of the map rotations in Arenas. That’s all for now, for further updates on Apex Legends stay tuned to our website.

Hassan Shahzad