Apex Legends: How To Play With Cross-Platform Friends

 Apex Legends: How To Play With Cross-Platform Friends

Apex Legends has become quite a niche esports in relatively less time. Thanks to its intimidating maps, stunning Legends, and diverse meta. Another factor that has played a crucial role in making Apex Legends one of the biggest games is its cross-platform feature. It allows you to play with friends that aren’t using the same device as yours. For instance, you can play with friends across PlayStation, Origin, Steam, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox.

Almost every other battle royale game comes with cross-platform features. Of course, some don’t have it initially but once they progress a little they eventually get the feature. Similarly, Apex Legends didn’t have this cross-platform feature during its inception but later on the feature was added to the game in Season 7. Allowing you to play with your friends on different platforms without having to worry about a thing. Here’s how you can invite your friends from different platforms in Apex Legends.

Now, if you are PC players, you can only get in match with other PC players during normal matchmaking in Apex Legends. Nonetheless, if you play Apex on consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, you can pair with players on other consoles as well. Similarly, to play with PC friends, you will have to be in a party already before the matchmaking process starts.

How To Add Cross-Platform Friends in Apex Legends

You can add players from different platforms using their usernames. Follow the steps given below;

  1. Startup and log in to Apex Legends
  2. Open up the friends menu from the main lobby screen
  3. Click the Find Friend option
  4. Enter the player’s in-game name and select search

Once you have the usernames and the right platform information typed in correctly. Following these steps will get you in matchmaking with your cross-platform friends. Similarly, if you want to change the way other players can search you up for invites, then go to your privacy setting. Now click “Allow users to search for me by” and you can select the desired way for your friends to look you up.

  • Email address
  • PSN Online ID for PlayStation 4 and 5
  • Xbox Live gamertag for Xbox One and X|S
  • Nintendo Nickname for Nintendo Switch

Moreover, you can even turn your cross-platform invite off by going to the setting menu. Although this will reduce the number of cross-platform players from matchmaking, it will also make you wait longer in the lobby. So, keeping the cross-platform on is not a bad idea. Also, if your main Legend is Wraith, check out the latest problem with her Tactical Cooldown ability.

Hassan Shahzad