Apex Legends: How To Check Item Shop Outside the Game

 Apex Legends: How To Check Item Shop Outside the Game

Apex Legends is one of the most successful battle royale titles in esports. All thanks to its stunning Legends, exciting maps, and competitive gameplay. Apex Legends also has an in-game items shop that allows players to buy several cosmetics. All special sales items, collection events cosmetics, and bundles can be easily bought from this shop. Moreover, the exclusive section of the store allows you cosmetics in different recolors. So if are looking for a way to access item shop without loading up the game to see which cosmetics are now available, here’s a quick way to do that.

While the collection event of Season 9 is still not here, the game has seen a bunch of new cosmetics due to the courtesy of Battle Pass and Arenas Flash Event. However, exclusive skins are not that common in the store. This means that you have to keep checking the item shop to know if the skin you are looking for is available or not. Honestly, loading up the game to check the item shop every hour is pretty hectic and time taking. Fortunately, there’s a way you can access the item store from outside the game.

There’s a website called apexitemstore that allows you to see which of the cosmetics are available in the store at the moment. Moreover, the website even lets you know the details of the “Featured” and “Exclusive” sections of the store. Similarly, it also allows you to see how long any cosmetic will be available.

Featured items are already present in the game and they can be bought using Apex Coins. Nonetheless, players can only avail them from Apex Packs or by crafting them. Crafting them takes plenty of Crafting Materials which are not easy to come by and take a lot of time. Similarly, when it comes to getting them from a pack, it’s all about luck. You will have to spend quite some money to finally get your desired item. Hence, the featured items in the store give you chance to acquire an exclusive item as a one-time purchase with Apex Coins. This is actually a great deal for those desiring a specific skin.

Furthermore, Exclusive items generally known as recolors are present on the right side of the store. These items are just variants of already present skins in different colors. The first step in buying an exclusive item is having the original item of the recolor. You can buy the original with Apex’s coins. Once you have the original item, you can buy the recolor with Legend Tokens. You can earn Legend Tokens by just playing the game.

With that said, the website also allows you to view every Legends and weapon skin that has been in the title from the start. A great way for you to see what weapons and Legends skins roamed around in the past. Also, here’s how you can play with cross-platform friends in Apex Legends.

Hassan Shahzad