Warzone: The Next Update Will Be Nerfing The Streetsweeper

 Warzone: The Next Update Will Be Nerfing The Streetsweeper

In response to a famous content creator’s tweet, Raven has announced that they will be nerfing the surprisingly powerful shotgun, Streetsweeper in the next update of Warzone. Unfortunately, the devs didn’t share any further details about the weapon.

While the third season of Warzone has been received quite happily by some, others were expecting more from the devs. As additions like new maps and the latest guns are only good if the game offers a level playing field in every regard. One of the most frustrating things about Warzone is its overpowered weapons. Sadly, it’s not the first time that the title is experiencing such an issue as players have been reporting OP weapons in almost every season.

The devs did deploy some significant weapon changes at the start of Season 3. Especially to the Sykov, AMAX, FARA, and bullfrog. But there still exists a gun in the weaponry that is overpowered and needs a bit of nerfing, the Streetsweeper. Not only is this shotgun surprisingly powerful but is also very easily available from the ground loot. These two factors combined are making the Streetsweeper a pretty mighty weapon.

Raven About Streetsweeper In Warzone

Furthermore, Joe “AverageJoeWo” Wohala from NRG, recently gave his remarks about the weapon on Twitter. He asked the devs to straight-up remove the gun from the ground loot or replace it with any other weapon. Fortunately, the devs were very quick to answer his query. As they tweeted “We’re taking a close look at the Streetsweeper in general. Changes are coming in the next update. No details to share just yet.”

While some players were quite delighted upon hearing that the devs are looking into the issue, others were not happy. As a few players were of the mind that the Streetsweeper is fine the way it is and it shouldn’t be nerfed. And removing such an ideal shotgun is not only wrong but is also equal to wasting an opportunity of changing the meta.

Nonetheless, the devs can always find a middle ground between removing the gun from the ground loot and replacing it with another secondary weapon. As the devs can tweak the spawn rate of the weapon reducing its numbers from the ground loot. Thus restricting players to equip it in their loadout. However, only time can tell which road will Raven take in this regard. So we will just have to wait until the next update to see how things unfold.

Hassan Shahzad