Warzone Season 3: The Infamous Gas Mask Glitch Is Fixed Once Again

 Warzone Season 3: The Infamous Gas Mask Glitch Is Fixed Once Again

The notorious Gas Mask Glitch is perhaps one of the oldest issues of Warzone as it keeps coming back. Recently, it made its way to the third season of the game causing some serious discomfort for many players. Fortunately, the devs didn’t take long and quickly handed out a fix for the issue.

Ever since Warzone was first released, it has seen a fair share of bugs and glitches. Although some glitches are quite easier to deal with, issues like Gas Mask Glitches have been giving the devs a hard time. As the devs move to solve one issue, another comes up just like a slap in the face. It gets even worse when some players find a way to exploit such glitches to their advantage. While it might help those players gain some benefits, it causes discomfort for others.

As said earlier, gas-related bugs have been roaming Warzone for quite some time. But the bug in question appeared a few months ago and it was considered fixed. However, to our dismay, the bug is once again back with full force in Season 3. Players are observing Gas Masks that are just unbreakable, allowing them to stay in the affected areas for as long as they wish.

The issue came to light when a Reddit user “kobosil41” posted a video of an incident on the platform. He was playing his regular game when he observed that one of his teammates stayed in the “red zone” for quite some time and didn’t suffer any damage. They freely moved around the whole area, near Prison as if there were no red zones. On top of that, their Gas Masks kept refreshing automatically. So as other players in the match were in a tough battle to make it to the last zone, that player did nothing and circumvented the whole battle.

When this bug first appeared in August 2020, it seemed like a random glitch that can occur anytime. However, the devs did provide a fix for the issue at that time. But no one knew it would come back and become a serious discomfort in Season 3 as well. Fortunately, Raven Software quickly addressed the issue on May 13 and solved the issue once again. Warzone’s official Trello board reads “An exploit has been addressed that was allowing players to use the Gas Mask indefinitely.”

It seems like the devs were serious about their commitment to look for better ways to communicate with the Warzone community. As ever since the start of Season 3, Raven Software has been more active. Issuing consistent updates on social platforms, deploying timely patch notes, and addressing every problem instantly, it looks like the devs are eager to improve the communication process.

Hassan Shahzad