Warzone Season 3 Lighting Issues Will Soon Get Fixed

 Warzone Season 3 Lighting Issues Will Soon Get Fixed

Warzone Season 3 arrived two weeks ago and everyone is enjoying it to the fullest. The new season introduced a bunch of new content to the game, something which gave the game a fresh look. However, even though the latest season was well received by players, there are some problems with it. One of them is the lighting in Verdansk.

Season 3 introduced some new map changes and shifted Verdansk to the 1980s. This has given a new look to the map and its colors are different from the original version. However, while the developers have done a remarkable job with the rest of the map, the lighting has been an issue for many.

Warzone Lighting Issue in Season 3

Right after the new season went live, players started complaining about the lighting system. As per most players, going from an indoor location to an outside location is bringing a consistent glare that remains for a few seconds. This is something that is causing headaches as players are unable to adjust to it. Some players even complained that after going to an indoor location, the lighting gets too dark. In other words, it sometimes gets too bright or too dark, and this is something that is making it difficult for players to spot enemies.

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In a Reddit post, a user mentioned that it is difficult to look when they are facing directly towards the sun. Furthermore, one user even claimed that he was facing lighting issues in Gulag where it became too dark for him to see anything. Some players have even tried adjusting the game’s settings, but they are unable to come up with something perfect as the lighting is different in all parts of the map.

A Fix Is On The Way

Thankfully, Raven Software is well aware of this issue and they are working on bringing a fix for it soon. Activision recently sent out a survey to players in which they asked them about what improvements they would like to see in the game. While some complained about the audio and other settings, most players were only concerned about the lighting system. The developers then confirmed in a tweet that they have been “monitoring this closely” and are planning to address it in an “upcoming update.”

At the moment, the developers are yet to reveal exactly when the next update will arrive. But judging from the fact that the majority of players are unable to play the game properly because of the current lighting, we will get to see the fix soon.

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