Warzone Season 3: A New FFAR Skin Allows You To Play Piano On It

 Warzone Season 3: A New FFAR Skin Allows You To Play Piano On It

Warzone developers have always been very creative and fanciful when it comes to designing the cosmetics of the title. Not just Warzone but almost every other franchise of Call of Duty is fairly rich in terms of enticing cosmetics. Recently, Warzone devs introduced a new FFAR skin into the title which allows the players to play piano on it. And now players just can’t resist bragging about their musical skills.

The third Season of Warzone brought a slew of latest additions to the title in terms of content, map, and weapons. Giving players a range of new tasks and places to explore in the game. Undeniably, the biggest change that came with Season 3 is the overhauled Verdnask 84′ map.

Needless to say, we can all agree that Warzone and Cold War have seen some major upgrades in their cosmetics section over the course of time. Making the two titles the most successful franchises in the history of Call of Duty. Now, with the release of this new skin, Warzone might just become one of the most appealing titles regarding cosmetics as well.

The devs have introduced a new bundle featuring a fancy skin for the classy FFAR-1, which was added to the game during the release of Black Ops Cold War. This new skin is something we have never seen before. As not only does it embellish your weapon with a beautiful Mastercraft but also lets you play piano on it.

Of course, Call of Duty has had animated weapon skins in its inventory before. For instance, the NecroKing blueprint was based on an animated dragon spreading its wings. However, it was later removed from the title as the skin was somehow causing serious game breaking bugs. So the devs had to pull the plugs on it before it could ruin the game for others. All in all, you can buy this new bundle for 2400 CoD points which cost about $20 USD and it comes with the following items.

  1. Battle Shredder emblem
  2. Cultural Export calling card
  3. Shredder weapon
  4. Amped Up weapon
  5. Center Stage vehicle skin
  6. Super Disco charm
  7. Soul Search watch
  8. Rockstar operator skin

With that being said, it is too early to say if we will get to see more of these animated skins or not. However, if the feedback about this new skin is good Warzone devs might just add some more of them in the future. In the meantime, click here to see the details of the recent ban wave in Warzone.

Hassan Shahzad