Warzone Once Again Plagued With Broken Map Exploit At Prison

 Warzone Once Again Plagued With Broken Map Exploit At Prison

Warzone has been plagued with broken under the map glitch once again. It is happening at the Prison this time and some players are exploiting the glitch to their advantage. Making it impossible for other players to win as they can score kills easily without any fear.

Ever since the release of Warzone in March last year, the title has seen all sorts of hacks and glitches. From broken map points to instant death spots, and from aim bots to wall hacks. And as the devs move to solve one issue, another comes up right away. However, the devs are still working very vigilantly by issuing timely patch notes and sending out ban waves. So far Raven Software have managed to crack down a whole array of wall hackers, aim bot users, and god mode users. Similarly, they are shutting down players who are exploiting these map glitches as well.

There are a number of factors that make these broken map points fatal. For instance, If the final zone ends up on them, enemies exploiting the glitch are easily going to score the win. As players above the ground won’t be able to shoot them but the enemies below the ground can take them out comfortably. Although before the start of Season 3, Raven promised that they will be fixing such spots in the upcoming season, players still can’t see any significant progress.

Recently, a Reddit user Khentimentu post a video in which he shows a player using the exploit to his advantage. The player is comfortably sitting under the map wiping off enemies effortlessly and scoring a free win. To make matters even worse this map glitch at Prison is more deadly than any other spots we’ve seen before. Because not only can the exploiters hide below the ground but they can also pick up items. However, other spots only allowed players to hide and didn’t let them pick anything.

All things considered, such spots have always been dependent on whether the circle will end up on them or not. Nonetheless, this player got lucky as not only did the circle rotate to his location but he also manages to pick up items. This gave him two advantages at once and of course, he won the match. This begs the question of when will Raven find an ultimate solution to these broken map points. Players will just have to wait for Raven’s words on this.

Hassan Shahzad