Warzone: Here’s How To Solve The Disappearing Friends List Problem

 Warzone: Here’s How To Solve The Disappearing Friends List Problem

Another old issue has surfaced up in Warzone again and it’s causing frustration among players. As whenever a player opens his friends’ list to send an invite, it appears vacant. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry much as there’s an easy fix available for this issue.

Needless to say, Warzone has had a few issues from the start of its release. But ever since its emergence with Black Ops Cold War, we’ve seen a steady incline in these problems. The second major factor that contributed to the increase in problems was making Warzone available across multiple platforms. While there are numerous benefits of crossplay, some serious side effects are also there. For instance, where PC brings a huge number of players to the title, it also opens up a flood gate of cheaters and hackers. Now, these are all the big issues, pesky problems like game freezing or friends list appearing blank are also causing discomfort among the players.

As lately, players are experiencing difficulties with viewing their friends’ list. At first, it might sound like a minor issue, but imagine not being able to play with your regular team. Frustrating right? But don’t worry as there’s an easy solution available to circumvent the issue.

How To Restore Warzone Friends List On PC

The first way to restore your friends list back to normal on PC is using applications like Discord. As some discord servers are integrated with Warzone so you can easily join a friend’s match this way. However, to get your original in-game friends list back, make sure your game is updated to the latest version and then restart it. This will probably fix your friends list back to normal.

How To Restore Friends List On Console

Just like PC, there are two ways of fixing this issue on console as well. First is you can use your console’s personal friends list to invite your teammates to a match. The second one is the same as the PC, update your game to the latest patch note and then restart the game. It should get things ironed out.

Starting A Regiment in Warzone

There’s another way to fix this blank friends list problem and that is by starting a Regiment in-game, as the YouTuber Acez Gaming explains in the video below.

Regiment basically means adding all your friends and teammates to a group of favorites. Now if even the friends’ list disappears, the Regiment will stay the same. Hence, allowing you to send invites to your teammates like normal. And in case you have never started a Regiment before, here’s how you can do it;

  • Locate “Regiment” in Warzone friends list and start a Regiment.
  • Now using the invite button, add all your friends’ account to the Regiment.
  • When they join your Regiment you will be able to invite them to Warzone matches like usual.

We hope these three solutions will help you fix your friends’ list problem. Nonetheless, if they don’t, you will have to get help from Activison’s support. But we certainly wish it never comes to that. All things said, check out our latest guide to slide canceling on PC and controller.

Hassan Shahzad