Warzone Devs Share The Details Of Another Ban Wave

 Warzone Devs Share The Details Of Another Ban Wave

Raven Software have shared the latest update on the process of cleansing Warzone from hackers and cheaters. The devs confirmed that another ban wave has been issued taking the total number of accounts banned to half a million. Players are certainly hoping that this new ban wave will provide them with some sort of relief, to say the least.

Undeniably, Warzone is among Activision’s most successful franchises. As even with its underlying number of problems, the player pool of the game has been increasing significantly. Activision recently confirmed that over 100 million players have dropped into Verdansk ever since it went live. Nonetheless, as the title moves into its second year, the number of hackers and cheaters is also growing. Making it almost impossible for the players to peacefully enjoy a single match without encountering a cheater. To make matters even worse, whenever a famous streamer joins a lobby hackers become more active. However, using their strong connections these streamers usually get them banned quickly. Which in turn makes ordinary players feel less significant. As when they face such an issue, they will just have to find a way to avoid it or be a victim to it.

Needless to say, players have been calling on the devs to introduce better anti-cheat systems for quite some time now. And it’s about time as the devs have finally answered their call and are taking actions to stop this injustice. Raven issued a ban wave on May 14, confirming that they have removed 30,000 malicious accounts. Although this statement referred to Call of Duty as a whole, most of them are more likely to be from Warzone.

In addition to 30,000 new bans, the devs also shared the total number of accounts banned from the Warzone servers. According to the tweet, over half a million accounts have been banned. Now, these ban waves are certainly very fruitful but since Warzone has almost 100 million players, it won’t do much. For instance, PUBG Mobile banned more than 1.6 million players in one week from the end of April to the start of May.

All things considered, half a million is not a bad number. But Activision will have to put in more effort to cleanse the title from hackers. Not only do they need to devise better anti-cheat techniques but they also need to expand their security team for better surveillance. Stay tuned to Esportsnext for further updates on Warzone.

Hassan Shahzad