Valorant Goes ‘Big Brother’ To Punish Toxic Players

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Riot Games has decided to update its privacy notice and terms of service. This update has come on the Riot Games website on the 30th of April. The update of the privacy notice will allow Riot Games to record what players are saying while playing Valorant. As for the players who do not opt for it, they will be unable to use the in-game voice chat. The reason behind this is that Riot is aiming to reduce toxic behavior among players in their games. “We want all of our games to be safe and inclusive for everyone who chooses to play them. We know disruptive behavior using our voice chat is a concern for a lot of players, and we’re committed to addressing it more effectively.” This is what Riot has written on their website. Aiming to promote inclusivity and reduce harassment in their games.

The in-game voice chat recording is only being done in Valorant. The terms of service are possibly hinting at doing this for all their games. Another game by Riot Games is ‘League of Legends’ which is infamous for its toxicity. Riot has stated that they will only be reviewing logs of voice chats of players who have been reported. This statement might have been put out to calm players who might be worried about how Riot will use what they hear online.

What Other Ways Will Valorant Be Moderated?

While the system to record in-game voice chat has not been set up as of yet. Riot Games has said that the system is still in the development phase. Sara Dadafshar, a producer of Riot, is leading the development as of this moment. With her leading the Social and Player dynamics team, which aims to bring create a safe game environment. Dadafshar has also talked with Polygon and said “Our goal — our full-on endeavor — is not just to reduce toxicity, but to bring players together as well.” While the recording system has yet to be implemented, other changes have already been put in place. New reporting tools and detection systems for AFK players have already been put in place. Voice-chat recording and moderation of players will be the next step.

Vanguard has already been put in place as an anti-cheat system for Valorant. And with this upcoming system, they will have an anti-harassment system in place as well. Player reputation and honor tools, something which is already present in League of Legends, will be added to Valorant too. Riot believes that these systems will be beneficial for players and will also bring them together. However, players seem to be paranoid of the system as there are many players who have a tendency to rage while playing Valorant. Moderating what is being said is something that most players will not feel easy about. Especially players who feel that what they are saying in-game should not be recorded and heard by others outside of the game.

What Does This Mean For Players?

Players will just have to wait and see how far Riot will take this type of moderation. This could be just a small step to end harassment in the game and could help players who are being harassed. But it could also lead to other extreme forms of moderation down the line. This could lead to players leaving the game as well since they would not feel safe knowing what they say is being recorded. It could also lead to them feeling as if what they are saying could be used later on by Riot, leading to a hint of paranoia as well. Of course, this is something that players will just have to wait and see. Hopefully, this is a step in the right direction and not something extreme by Riot Games.