Standoff Is Finally Coming To Black Ops Cold War Season 3

 Standoff Is Finally Coming To Black Ops Cold War Season 3

In the wake of Season 3 Reloaded midseason update, Standoff is going to make its way back to Black Ops Cold War. Players just can’t wait to get their hands on the new map. And, we know everything about the latest map along with other additions coming in the midseason update.

The standoff has been a fan favorite map ever since it was first released. So players were quite thrilled when Activision announced that they will be bringing the map back to the title in Season 3. Unfortunately, the map was not deployed in Black Ops Cold War Season 3 on April 21 as this is when the third season initially started. This decision left a lot of players wondering when they will be able to play the new version of Standoff.

Until May 10, the official release date of the map was not specified. However, a poplar educated guess was that it might be coming in the midseason update of Black Ops Cold War. Fortunately, the guess did turn out to be true as Activision posted a teaser of the map on May, 10. In which they confirmed that the remastered version of Standoff will go live on May, 20. So this means that if things go according to the plans, you will finally enjoy your favorite map very soon.

Furthermore, it’s not sure whether this new map will be added to League Play and CDL or not. However, previous competitive maps such as Raid and Express did make it to the league plays. So there’s a chance that Standoff might follow the tradition as well given the fact that it was quite popular back then. Similarly, OpTic Chicago’s Scump has already considered standoff as a competitive map that he might play in the future.

Luckily, Standoff is not the only new addition coming to Black Ops Cold War Season 3 in the midseason update. A whole lot of other exciting stuff is also set for the title in the coming update. Players will be able to get their hands on new weapons, latest Operators, and much more.

  • Operators
    1. Knight (Warsaw Pact)
    2. Antonov (Warsaw Pact)
  • Maps
    1. Standoff (6v6)
    2. Duga (Multi-Team)
  • Weapons
    1. AMP63 Pistol
    2. Baseball Bat melee

All things considered, no-one can’t say for sure if the remastered version of Standoff will be as good as its predecessor. And since the fans are waiting quite eagerly for the map, we hope it turns out to be as good as they are expecting it to be. However, only time will tell how this latest version of Standoff will roll out. In the meantime, check out how to unlock the CARV.2 tactical rifle in BOCW.

Hassan Shahzad