Resident Evil Village: How To Defeat Moreau

 Resident Evil Village: How To Defeat Moreau

Resident Evil Village was released a couple of days ago and players are absolutely enjoying it. It was easily one of the most hyped video games of 2021. This was mostly because of Lady Dimitrescu gaining worldwide attention. The game is filled with a lot of monsters and creatures, and you’ll encounter them throughout your journey. Today, we will be talking about how you can defeat Moreau, who happens to be one of the toughest enemies you’ll face.

Moreau is the monster you’ll encounter as the third boss of the game. The creature will block your way to stop you from saving Rose, who is Ethan’s daughter. To some, Moreau might not seem that harmful. However, he will not be wise to judge the creature from its appearance as he can make you go through hell. Moreau was one of the strongest supporters of Mother Miranda, so you should not take him lightly.

How To Defeat Resident Evil Village Boss Moreau

To defeat Moreau, we are going to mention some tips. If you follow them correctly, then you’ll be able to defeat the creature without any problems.

Explosives Are The Key To Winning

In your fight against this ugly-looking creature, explosives are going to be your best friend. The thing about him is that his body is completely covered with mutation and bullets can not go through it. Therefore, you need to use explosives to make it open its jaws. Once this happens, you will need to fire as many rounds as you can on his face and chest. Keep in mind that Moreau will keep its mouth open for only a few seconds, so make sure to get the most out of it. We will suggest you use the shotgun for this purpose as it is one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

Shoot The Red Barrels

In addition to explosives, you can also shoot the red barrels that are present in the area. These barrels will deal great damage to Moreau upon explosion and will help you save a lot of bullets. However, you will need to lure the creature within the range of the barrel. Otherwise, both the barrel and your bullets will go to waste.

Take Shelter

Moreau will obviously attack you with all his power when you start shooting him. One of his attacks involves the creature spitting out waves of deadly droplets that happen to be acid. Since this acid can have a big impact on your health, we will suggest you move into cover as soon as you see Moreau performing this attack. Stay under the cover until Moreau jumps back down after a few seconds.. For those wondering, you can find shelter under the yellow pipes.

Break The Walls Quickly

Another deadly attack of Moreau is creating a gigantic wall that won’t let anyone pass through. Now, a wall might seem harmless, but it can become a nightmare for you if you’re stuck in the wrong situation. For instance, it can possibly block your way while you’re trying to find shelter from the creature’s acid rain. And we all know how deadly it will be. Thankfully, the wall can be destroyed by using the shotgun. But you must be quick with destroying them as every second matters.

Gather Enough Ammo

To fight Moreau, you obviously need ammunition. The creature won’t go down that easily, and you’ll need to use a lot of ammo and explosives against it. This means that you can run out of ammo easily, something that will put you at a great disadvantage. However, there are plenty of items scattered around the area that can be used to craft more rounds. In addition to this, you’ll also find ammunition on the ground. We will also suggest you pay a visit to Dutch and purchase enough ammo before fighting Moreau.

This was how you can defeat Moreau in Resident Evil Village. If you follow these steps properly, then you won’t have any trouble with taking the creature down. However, even while following these steps, we will recommend that you do not underestimate Moreau as he is a powerful foe. And you might be unable to defeat him on the first try, so make sure to not repeat the same mistakes on your second try.

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