CoD Mobile Will Be Getting The Classic Modern Warfare 3 Map In Season 4

 CoD Mobile Will Be Getting The Classic Modern Warfare 3 Map In Season 4

Activision recently announced that they will be bringing another classic old map back to the play. The fan favorite Modern Warfare 3 map is all set to make its entry to CoD Mobile in the upcoming Season 4.

CoD Mobile has been among one of the best titles in the history of Call of Duty especially in terms of maps. It has seen almost every iconic map ranging from Black Ops bangers to Modern Warfare’s most stunning places. Not just the best maps but CoD mobile has also been embellished with some of the best weapons.

Although we saw some fresh maps in the last season, the upcoming one is going back in time. Generally, seeing an old map in a new season is not that exciting but the Modern Warfare 3’s dome map was such a huge success that players just can’t wait to enjoy the experience once again. This map first appeared in Modern Warfare 3 in 2011 and quickly became a fan favorite.

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Furthermore, players saw the first look of this map on May 14 in a community update on Reddit. Now, the original map was more sunny and radiant in terms of color contrast. But the new version of this map is a bit more barren and lifeless. Honestly speaking these changes in the new version might just make the map even more exciting than the previous one.

The perfectly built spherical structure has been damaged and the whole area looks deserted. One might even think that this area has been a victim of some sort of an apocalypse. Since the whole area is quite small and easy to cover in a short amount of time, you are definitely going to find yourself in a battle within no time. In the past, Dome had Free For All Team Deathmatches and objective-based modes. So if that tradition follows, there’s a chance that players might get to enjoy all these things in the upcoming season of CoD Mobile as well. Making it one of the most played maps of Call of Duty once again.

Currently, CoD Mobile is in its third season which will end on May 26. So the Season 4 update will probably go live on May 27. Although Dome seems like a launch map, we can’t say for sure as the devs can make it a part of the Season 4 midseason update. However, we will just have to wait for the devs word on this. We will keep you updated as soon as any new development comes up in this regard. In the meantime, you can check out how to fix the disappearing friends’ list issue in Warzone.

Hassan Shahzad