Call Of Duty: Mobile Masters Tournament Is Almost Here

 Call Of Duty: Mobile Masters Tournament Is Almost Here

Call of Duty: Mobile Masters is a tournament that will be held by Activision for Call of Duty mobile players. The tournament will allow players from Europe and North America to join. There will be teams from both continents joining the tournament. They will be fighting for a prize pool of $100,000. Some teams will fight for a chance to enter the tournament through open qualifiers. While other specific teams will be invited to the tournament by Activision.

As shown in the video above, the tournament will host 16 teams for each tournament. The tournament will be held separately in Europe as well as North America and both will host 16 teams for their tournament. The prize pool of $100,000 will also be split as well. Giving Europe’s tournament prize for winning $50,000 and the North American tournament will also give $50,000 for winning. The teams to be selected will be selected directly by Activision and be given an invitation. This invitation will be given depending on the skill of specific teams picked out by Activision.

When Will The Call Of Duty Mobile Tournament Take place?

The Competition will take place over a five-week period. It will start on the 14th of June and end on the 12th of July. And matches will take place every Monday during this time. The matches will also be broadcasted on the COD: Mobile Esports Youtube channel as well as their Twitch channel as well. The winners of each tournament will not only win a prize of $50,000 each. But they will also be given a spot on the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2021 Finals as well.

The Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2021 will be the second annual Call of Duty mobile championship to be held by Activision. This championship will be held at the end of 2021 and will have the best COD: Mobile teams playing from around the world. With this year’s championship becoming a much bigger deal as compared to last year. With Sony sponsoring the tournament and drawing in a huge prize pool of $2 million dollars. As compared to last year’s $750,000 this is a huge upgrade in winnings for whoever wins the tournament. This is bound to bring in much more competitive teams as well. And winning the Masters tournament will guarantee the winner a spot in the World Championship tournament as well.

This means that teams from around Europe and North America will be aiming not just for the prize money of the current tournament. But will have their eyes on the future World Championship tournament as well. This could possibly become the biggest tournament COD: Mobile has ever held.

Ahad Lalani